What Happened To Rich Higgins? 20-Year Army Veteran, And NSC Official Passed Away

Rich Higgins’s death has been covered by all the social media. We have all the information on what had happened to him.

Rich Higgins’s death news has been shared by one of his team members, Don Berlin. He has confirmed that he has passed away on Wednesday morning around 0300 EDT.

He was sick and was hospitalized, however, the exact cause of his death has not been mentioned. Social media has been flooded with condolences and tributes to him.

GoFundMe: What Happened To Rich Higgins? Illness Update

There was a gofundme page organized by the team members, Donner Finley, and the other two on behalf of Karin Higgins. As per the page, it shared his illness and updates on the health issues.

Rich was struck down in January 2021 with a devasting case of Covid-19 and it did collateral damage to the veteran Army. He suffered from rare strain, resulting in a blood clot, which caused him to lose a portion of his intestines.

That required multiple surgeries and weeks in the ICU. He became 100% disabled and unable to work. His medical conditions required financial support for his wife Krain and four children.

When people were wishing him good health, his death news came ahead. It is devasting, and his passing is a loss for the nation. We hope his wife and children remain strong.

Find Rich Higgins Death Cause & Obituary

Rich Higgins’s death cause has not been revealed, and his obituary has not been shared. His death news mentioned that the road ahead for Rich’s family is going to be difficult and complex.

His wife, Karin must be devasted with his passing. We extend our condolence and prayers to his family and relatives. May his soul be guided to heaven and rest there forever.

At the moment, his family and friends must be in sorrow but later when they would put themselves together they might come forward and share the death cause and further information.

How Did Rich Higgins Die?

Rich Higgins had been hospitalized at Georgetown University Transplant Center. The passing news has confirmed his death at the same center however the cause has not been shared.

Higgins served in the Army and later in the Pentagon as a career official in the Bush and Obama administrations, according to his biography, was fired from the NSC in 2017.

He said that former Obama administration officials were communists, that the Black Lives Matter movement is “Marxist” and “an agent” of China, and that “left-wing” organizations invented the term Islamophobia only 15 years ago.