What Happened To Pete Hegseth From FOX & Friends Weekend: Is He Sick/Ill?

Peg Hegseth is an American television host and author working for FOX News Channel.

He presently co-hosts FOX & Friends Weekends on the FOX News Channel. He entered the network as a contributor in 2014.

Hegseth previously worked as the executive director of the political advocacy organizations Concerned Veterans for America and Vets For Freedom and as an officer in the Army National Guard.

What Happened To Pete Hegseth From FOX & Friends Weekend? Is He Sick/Ill?

Pete Hegseth from FOX & Friends Weekend is excellent and healthy.

He does not have any illness, or neither is he sick. He is in great shape and busy performing his duties as a co-host of FOX News Channel’s FOX & Friends.

But in 2019, FOX & Friends Sunday co-host Pete Hegseth, who was previously considered a candidate to succeed David Shulkin as the director of the Department of Veterans Affairs, revealed on Sunday’s program that he never washes his hands.

“I resolved 2019 to say things on air that I don’t often say. I don’t think I’ve washed my hands in the past ten years. I never wash my hands,” Hegseth admitted. “I give myself a shot. There is no such thing as germs. No, I can’t see them. Consequently, they are not real.”

Jedediah Bila, Hegseth’s co-host, seated next to him, said in a joke, “Someone helps me.” She wasn’t the only one who appeared a little disgusted, either.

His statement received a barrage of reactions on Twitter and other platforms.

Hegseth’s claim that he hadn’t washed his hands in more than ten years caused the general public to go wild, and they responded by posting comments on Twitter.

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Some argued that Hegseth was probably only joking and drumming up the story.

Well, jokes or not, maybe he washes his hands, but regardless of his earlier comments, the man is in excellent health and fine.

He first supported Marco Rubio in the 2016 Republican primary, then Ted Cruz, and finally Donald Trump.

Hegseth has been a vocal backer of Trump in the intervening years. He routinely criticized the media and Democrats in his role as a Fox News presenter.

He denounced Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s inquiry into Russian election meddling. Hegseth has been on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News Channel, and other media outlets.

Pete Hegseth Health Update 2022

Peter Hegseth, the co-host of FOX & Friends, has no illnesses.

Therefore his health status is listed as “fine, up and running.”

Hegseth formerly worked as the executive director of the political advocacy organizations Concerned Veterans for America and Vets For Freedom and as an officer in the Army National Guard.

The latter, a right-leaning advocacy organization, supported by the Koch brothers, calls for more VA privatization.

During the Trump administration, he was a candidate to manage the US Department of Veterans Affairs, but David Shulkin was chosen in January 2017.

The television host gained headlines in 2019 after complaining about not washing his hands for ten years. However, whether his claims are accurate, he appears to be in good health. He must thus be making every effort to keep himself healthy.

On May 27, Pete shared a photo on Instagram in which he appeared handsome and in good shape.

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He seems to be maintaining good form at the age of 42. His commitment to maintaining good health may prevent him from contracting any illnesses.

Where Is Pete Hegseth Now?

At FOX News, Pete Hegseth is co-hosting FOX & Friends Weekend, which is what he does best.

Additionally, on June 28, he had a book signing for his latest book, “Battle for the American Mind,” which was just released.

His book is the top New York Times bestseller, and Pete has called it his most significant work to date.

Hegseth has been involved in Republican politics since he was a Princeton University undergraduate.

He became a key ally and backer of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016 and occasionally acted as an advisor to Trump throughout his time in office.

According to reports, he convinced Trump to pardon three American soldiers who had been charged with or found guilty of war crimes connected to the shooting of civilians in Iraq.

Hegseth defended the treatment of terrorists held there while serving as a battalion leader at Guantanamo Bay.

He also traveled to Israel to film The Life of Jesus, which is scheduled to debut at Easter and Christmas 2022.

In February 2020, Hegseth said that Democrats were “rooting for coronavirus to spread” as the COVID-19 epidemic expanded across the US. “They want it to flourish. They wish for the issue to deteriorate.”

Since 2021, he has frequently appeared on Unfiltered with Dan Bongino. In his statement, “Count on a variant around every October, every two years,” Hegseth implied that the Democrats invented the Omicron variant of COVID-19 to aid them in the 2022 midterm elections.