What Happened To Molly Russell? How Did Molly Russell Die?

Molly Russell was known after the bbc tv program, Molly Russell.

She was born in 2002 in Harrow, North-West London, United Kingdom.

Molly Russell used Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and Pinterest non-stop, according to other reports.

Molly was also addicted to the content she saw on social media, which later took her life.

What Happened To Molly Russell?

She  took her own life in 2017 after watching self-harming videos online, born and raised in Harrow, North West London, England, UK.

Molly Russell’s family found she had been suggested content online linked to anxiety, depression, self-harm, and suicide.

How Did Molly Russell Die?

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Molly Russell’s cause of death was suicide. Molly Russell died in November 2017 at aged 14 in Harrow, North West London.