How Did Jacques Villeneuve Get The Head Scar?

Villeneuve seems to have a scar on the back of his head which he might have suffered through an injury; he got into an accident that left him with minor head injuries.

According to other sources on the internet, the scar got caused due to a hair transplant surgery that he had in the past; however, no precise details on how he got the fault is available.

Jacques has a four-stroke line on his head, and he flaunts the spot without covering it with a wig or cap; he prefers to wear his bald head with no insecurities and looks good on it.

Did Jacques Villeneuve Get Surgery For Tumore (Cancer)?

Jacques didn’t get surgery for tumore (cancer), but his uncle, Jacques-Joseph Villeneuve, better known as Uncle Jacque, got diagnosed with intestinal cancer after suffering stomach pains.

His cancer began in the 1970s was at an advanced stage as per a source, and recovering from it will be complicated; however, he seems to have received treatments and fighting the disease.

Uncle Jacque is also a two-time Formula Atlantic series and Can-Am champion; furthermore, he had a varied motorsport career, from Formula Atlantic, CART, Can-Am, and snowmobile racing to Formula One. Moreover, the racing driver was the first three-time winner of the World Championship Snowmobile Derby.

Jacques Villeneuve Malattia & Cicatrice Details (Illness & Scar Details)

The Canadian motorsports racing driver Jacques does not seem to suffer any illness; however, he has some scars on his head that he might have gotten from a hair transplant or head injury. 

The racing driver got into an accident that left him admitted to the hospital for being knocked unconscious, and he was lucky enough to escape with minor injuries. 

Other than suffering injuries while racing, he hasn’t disclosed suffering any disease. As per him, being a racing driver, it’s natural to have minor accidents; there’s nothing one can do about it other than get mentally prepared for the worst scenario if one suffers an accident.

Moreover, the Formula One World Champion also shared that the racers play with luck all life and hope it won’t catch them out, and when it does, they expect it won’t be terrible. Furthermore, to minimize the rate of such accidents, Villeneuve argued the Safety Car to get deployed the minute a car goes off.

Did Jacques Villeneuve Get A Hair Transplant?

There has been discussion over the internet about the hair transplant of Villeneuve as he has got similar scars in the donor region of his head.

The racing driver might have lost a significant amount of his hair due to an undisclosed reason that made him go through a procedure to get more hair attached to his scalp, which might have left the scars.

However, Jacques hasn’t opened up about what caused the spot on his head, if he got a hair transplant, or if there is a different story behind the scar he got on the crown. Hopefully, the Formula One World Champion will come forward to clear the confusion among fans relating to the topic and clear the rumors shortly.