What Happened To Eddie Betts? His Training Camp Experience Explained

Eddie Betts, a former Australian rules football player, has revealed his training Camp experience to be cult-like.

He participated in Australian Football League games for the Carlton and Adelaide Football Clubs. Carlton selected Betts with the third overall pick in the 2004 Preseason Draft.

Throughout his 17-year career, Eddie played 350 games of Australian Rules football for two clubs, Carlton and Adelaide.

​What Happened To Eddie Betts -Training Camp Trauma

Eddie Betts, a former Australian rules football player, has written that he felt like a bit of him was brainwashed due to Adelaide’s controversial training camp.

Several players and club officials left the Crows due to the now-famous 2018 preseason leadership camp.

In an excerpt from his soon-to-be-released book, “The Boy from Boomerang Crescent,” three-time All-Australian Betts referred to the camp as “strange” and “totally disrespectful.”

In the book, Betts claims that sensitive Aboriginal cultural rituals were usurped by the camp, which offended him, jeopardized the welfare of other, younger Indigenous players with the Crows, and impacted his family life.

He also claims that private information he had shared in a private counseling session had been misused during the camp. He attributes it to his poor performance in 2018 and the subsequent decision to leave the Crows.

He wrote that the camp ultimately tried to adapt the First Nations peoples’ tradition of a “talking stick” to all participants, including non-Indigenous athletes and coaches.

In his opinion, the talking stick was misused, and neither he nor any other Elder was aware of any Elder having granted authorization for its use.

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There were many strange things that were disrespectful to different cultures but incredibly and severely rude to his culture.

According to Betts, the camp’s experiences caused his form to drop, and he ultimately decided to return to Carlton before retiring at the end of the previous year.

According to the 35-year-old, his partner Anna noticed he was starting to get irritable with the kids, and he started feeling awful anxiety, which prompted the two to address what happened at the camp.

Betts further verified that the Richmond theme music was played frequently during training.

He claimed that while being verbally abused by camp staff, he was once placed in a body harness with a rope attached and instructed to fight his way to a knife to cut himself free.

He was yelled at for various things, including details about his upbringing that he had revealed to the camp counselors. He continued by saying that everyone in his presence heard those things.

He was upset at shared information and felt worn out and exhausted.

Another camper pounced on his back and began to scold him about his mother, saying something so personal that he was utterly devastated to hear it.

Betts claimed he was expelled from the leadership team three weeks after approaching the club and announcing his refusal to participate in any additional mind-training activities.

Eddie Betts Family

Eddie Betts was born to Cindy Sambo and Eddie Betts Senior in Port Lincoln, South Australia.

His mother brought him up in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. Before returning to Port Lincoln, where his father resided, to play for the Mallee Park Peckers, he was a junior football player for the Mines Rovers Football Club.

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Betts’ off-field behavior, which included smoking, drinking, using drugs, and skipping school, was a problem while he was in Port Lincoln.

Because of this, his mother made plans for 15-year-old Betts to relocate to Melbourne and enroll in a TAFE program operated by former Indigenous football player Phil Krakouer.

After several years of engagement, Betts wed Anna Scullie, his longtime companion, in a surprise ceremony in August 2015. Eddie’s children are Lewis, Billy, Alice, Maggie, and Sonny.

Eddie Betts Net Worth -How Much?

According to various sources, Eddie Betts’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million to $ 5 million.

He earned his wealth as an Australian rules football player.

Betts has participated in games for the Adelaide Crows and Carlton Football Club. He joined Carlton in 2005 and was a squad member through 2013.

In a 2013 season cut short by a suspension and a broken jaw, Betts kicked 27 goals in 18 games, with five goals in each of Carlton’s two finals.

Betts entered the marketplace as a restricted free agent after the season, and in October, he informed Carlton he had agreed to a four-year deal with the Adelaide Crows, thought to be for roughly $2 million (AUS).

Where Is Eddie Betts Now?

Since he retired from playing football, Eddie has worked as a development coach with the Geelong Football Club, a media presenter on Fox Footy, and a speaker and consultant for businesses. ​

Eddie is interested in collaborating with organizations to develop places where Mob can live, work, and learn in a safe environment while providing opportunities for young Aboriginal people to excel in academics and sports. ​

Coles Supermarkets is Eddie’s principal partner.