What happened to Dylan Modern Family actor? Why does Dylan on Modern Family look different?

Reid Ewing’s Struggle: The Transformation of Dylan on Modern Family

Reid Ewing, the talented actor behind the lovable character Dylan Marshall on ABC’s Modern Family, underwent a transformative journey both on and off the screen.

The Transformation of Dylan

Modern Family fans may have noticed a change in Dylan’s appearance throughout the show’s run.

The actor, Reid Ewing, decided to undergo cosmetic surgeries, leading to a visible transformation of his character on screen.

Body Dysmorphia Struggles

Reid Ewing’s decision to undergo cosmetic procedures was rooted in his battle with body dysmorphia, a mental health condition where individuals perceive flaws in their appearance that may not be present.

Ewing openly shared his struggles with body dysmorphia, emphasizing the impact it had on his self-image.

Cheek and Chin Implants

In 2008, Reid Ewing opted for cheek implants, a decision that did not yield the desired results.

Subsequent surgeries, including chin implants, also led to complications.

The visible changes in his facial features became a topic of discussion among fans of Modern Family.

Continued Struggle and Addiction

Ewing’s cosmetic journey did not end with a single procedure.

The ongoing struggle with body dysmorphia led to a cycle of surgeries, contributing to mental anguish.

The actor openly discussed his addiction to plastic surgery, revealing the challenges he faced in breaking free from the cycle.

Sharing His Story

Reid Ewing bravely shared his experiences with body dysmorphia and cosmetic surgery addiction through interviews and articles.

By opening up about his struggles, he aimed to raise awareness about mental health challenges and the pressures actors face in the entertainment industry.