Davis Bertans Lost Some Part of His Right Hand’s Ring Finger During An Accident

Davis lost the tip of his ring finger when he cut wood in his hometown of Valmiera, Latvia, to assist his grandfather in heating his apartment. According to Bertans, it was his routine every night before the summer started and when school was closed.

He and his brother were doing the jobs, and he pushed the word on a table towards an electric saw. As soon as the rain started, Davis rushed and did not pay attention, resulting in his hand getting caught underneath.

Further, his gloves got stuck under the saw, and when he tried to pick a piece of the word, his right hand’s ring finger got cut about a half-inch. Likewise, he lost his middle fingernail, which eventually grew. 

As soon as the accident happened, he informed his father and rushed to the hospital.

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Davis Bertans Health Update After The Accident

Davis confessed that rather than in pain, he was in shock after he cut his ring finger. Moreover, he could not remember much of the things and had not seen much blood.

He was taken to a hospital, about thirty to forty miles next to his hometown, to see an experienced surgeon.

The teenager was more concerned about his basketball career than his finger at the time, as his finger could be something he could not play for his entire life. His father, a former basketball player and a coach, told him that it probably was over for the basketball.

He considers his state of being in the NBA after the incident happened. The player is fine, and when asked about his shooting abilities after all those, he says the incident has not affected him adversely as he is a three-point shooter and has made it to the NBA.

Davis Bertans is From An Athletic Family Background

Davis Bertans was born to his father, Dainis Bertans, and his mother, Dina Bertans, on November 12, 1992. Along with Davis, the Bertans couple has given birth to an elder son named Dairis Bertans.

Dairis is a former professional basketball player and a youth coach. His dad guided his sons during their initial stage of a basketball career. Likewise, Bertans’ mother, Dina is a sports teacher and a former high-level owner. 

The elder son of the Bertans couple is Dairis, who formerly played for the New Orleans Pelicans and is now for the Latvia national basketball team. The brother duo has an age gap of three years. 

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