What Happened To Bonnie Baum Roth? Car Accident And Husband Of The California Woman

A mother, Bonnie Baum Roth, and her two kids were in an accident that took her mother’s life on Friday.

Police have ruled out any cases of foul play or involvement of drugs or alcohol in the accident as they believe the driver lost control of his car, causing the accident.

Let us learn more about the victim of the car accident, the survivors, the deceased obituary, family, husband, and age.

Bonnie Baum Roth Obituary

Bonnie Baum Roth sadly passed away in a tragic car accident on Friday after she left home with her two daughters in her SUV for a dance competition.

Her mother, Carrie Ann Baum, set an obituary for her beloved daughter on her Facebook with a picture of Bonnie with her daughters, Moxie and Roxie.

Carrie Baum wrote, “Our baby is gone way too soon. We can’t even believe this has happened to our most precious girl. Bonnie was everything to everyone. Our family’s hearts are crushed.”

Baum thanked everyone for their kind words and love and support for the bereaved family, writing,” Thank you to all the people for your kind thoughts and prayers; more details will come as we are updated .. Nina is overwhelmed with all the love and support from everyone.”

The California Cinderella Scholarship Pageant, where the late Bonnie Baum was taking her kids, also posted a tribute informing of the contestant’s mother’s demise, writing,

“To our California Cinderella Girls, Moms, and Families:

We are writing to inform you all of some heartbreaking and sad news. I have been informed that Bonnie Baum, the mom of Moxie Barry and Roxie Roth, was in a tragic and fatal car accident today.”

They also asked the other contestants to join them in praying for the deceased and their family, writing,

“I know you will join our entire Cinderella Family and me as we pray for this wonderful family during this unimaginably sad and difficult time.”

Death Cause Revealed To Be A Fatal Car Accident

The cause of Bonnie Baum Roth’s death was a fatal car accident on Interstate 8 west of Tacen Road around 8:30 am on Friday. Bonnie was in the SUV with her two daughters, Moxie and Roxie, who were nine and 3, respectively.

According to the details provided by CHP, the mother of two lost control of the vehicle and veered away, rolling down an embankment that ejected her from the car as she ended up on Interstate 8.

Bonnie’s ejection from the vehicle caused her death at the scene while her daughters were still in the mangled SUV.

Some passerby’s helped the young girls escape from the accident with only minor scratches while their mom, Bonnie, passed away.

According to the deceased’s mother, the kids were protected from seeing their mother’s lifeless body by some locals who covered Bonnie’s body and comforted the children to protect them from any trauma.

Bonnie Baum Roth’s Husband, Jake Roth

Bonnie Baum Roth was married to her husband, Jake Roth, before her passing who she shared her kids. Jake and Bonnie were married before with kids when they married each other.

Baum was married to a man named Matthew Barry, with who she had a healthy co-parenting relationship even after their separation.

The pageant mom was also very close to her husband’s son, who she called a loyal friend and a great big brother to her kids.

At their wedding, the couple said vows not only to each other but also to their children, which melted the hearts of their family and friends, and they had a lovely family until the tragic accident.

Bonnie Baum Roth Age – How Old Was She?

Bonnie Baum Roth was only 35 years old when the tragic car accident took her life. She was a devoted mother of two, Roxie and Moxie.

Both her daughters were in the car when the accident occurred on Interstate 8, which took the mother’s life, while her nine and 3-year-old daughters survived the crash with only minor scratches.

Her daughters were in a beauty pageant named California Cinderella Scholarship Pageant, and Bonnie was a supportive mom who wanted her kids to have a great time at their pageants.

She was driving them to the pageant after preparing for their show when the accident occurred. Her mother, Carrie Baum, set up a GoFundMe for her and her family in the wake of the awful news.