What Happened To Barbara Graham? Update On Her Son And Other Children Today

The netizens are searching for Barbara Graham after they learned she was the third woman to be executed using gas in California at 31. Here are her personal details and about her family. 

Barbara Graham was one of those convicts executed in the San Quentin Prison’s gas chamber. As a result, she also got the nickname “Bloody Babs” and was the third woman to be executed by gas in California. 

What Happened To Barbara Graham?

Barbara Graham was an American criminal who was convicted of murder.

She was executed the same day the two convicted also got punished. All of them were under charge for the same case of a robbery that led to the murder of an elderly widow.  

Her life was a roller coaster ride as she got involved in drugs and gambling. Finally, she received a five-year sentence for giving two minor offenders false testimony about their whereabouts in exchange for immunity.

She served her time in the California Women’s State Prison in Tehachapi, California. She found a job as a waitress and in a hospital, but she soon left for Los Angeles. She found a place on Hollywood Boulevard there and resumed her prostitute trade.

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Where Is Barbara Graham’s Sons And Children Today?

Barbara had three sons from her four complicated marriages. She was first married to Harry Kuielhamer, the U.S. Coast Guardsman, in 1940.

The couple, after their marriage, had their first two children soon. However, the pair were already divorced by 1942. 

After a case and some argument for custody of their children, Harry has given the sons guardianship. Regardless, not much has been revealed about them, as she did not mention both of her kids much. In addition, neither her former husband nor her sons have provided any statement after parting. 

Further, as mentioned in her bio, she married two more men over several years. As a result, she failed to have a more traditional lifestyle. Instead, she is said to start again as a sex trader, similar to her mother, after unsuccessful marriages. 

She wed Henry Graham, a bartender at one of her most visited places, in 1953. They together were blessed with another son Tommy. However, some images of him surfaced from back in the day. 

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Was Barbara Graham Innocent Or Guilty? Learn Her Gas Chamber Execution Story

Graham pleaded guilty to the murder of Mabel Monohan and robbery, which led her to the gas chamber. On 26 Marc 1953, police took five men in custody and questioned them for the connection to the murder of Mabel. Among them, three were the renowned associates of LA gangsters. However, they were set free because of a lack of evidence. 

Baxter Shorter was one of those true witnesses who gave testimony and changed the whole case. Graham had dinner with her crew and planned the whole robbery after knowing she had a huge amount of cash in her residency. 

Barbara was the first to knock on the door and entered the old woman’s house. She first stated she was not guilty for a long time. But what Shorter told the court was different. He was later killed after his statement leaked. 

Nevertheless, she and Santo, and Perkins were sentenced to death for their crime. She was scheduled to be executed on 3 June 1995 at 10 am. However, she was taken into the gas chamber after being strapped. She chose to be blindfolded. Her last words were, “Good people are always sure they are right.”