What Does Rip GBZ Mean? Urban Dictionary Meaning Of The Popular Slang Word

New day, new trend. What Does Rip GBZ Mean is still a mystery to Tiktok users and non-users alike. To learn more about this music, keep reading.

Tiktok is a well-known site where people have begun to share their talents. Every day, a new trend emerges on the same platform. TikTok is the most popular for its 15-second videos. Its goal is to spread joy and recognize people’s abilities.

They also enjoy encouraging originality, resulting in a new trend emerging every day. A viral video is defined as one with the most views. It’s also one of TikTok’s most popular videos.

Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Jakarta, Seoul, and Tokyo are among the cities where TikTok has offices.

 TikTok: What Does Rip GBZ Mean? 

GBZ stands for Gay Buffer Zone in general. The significance remains a mystery. It can also refer to as a buffer zone between Ghettos. This part of town isn’t exactly ghetto but isn’t safe enough for you to leave your car unlocked. It’s a little seedy, but it’s also a little urban chic.

@wavytaco making a gravity bingbong with some at home supplies ?? #oregano yes i’m wearing an adult snuggie #nonbinary #lgbtq ♬ Because I Got High (Palmdale Sessions) – Afroman

It signifies that one person requests that the other move aside to make room for the other. However, it can also refer to a homemade marijuana smoking apparatus known as a gravity bong. A modified plastic bottle is submerged in a larger water container to create it.

Gravity is supposed to pull smoke into the bottle’s chamber when lifted out of the water. Marijuana users are the most common users of the term. Due to its low assembly cost, the gravity bong is commonly associated with young potheads who cannot afford finer bongs.

Meanwhile, no one is sure what this song means, but it’s in the middle.

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Urban Dictionary Meaning Of Rip GBZ: What does it mean?

Urban Dictionary has not defined the meaning of the two words together. When you break the term down, it has two different meanings. The acronym RIP (Rest in Peace) is commonly used on gravestones, and RIP is derived from it.

@cultmanii Convos with my sister ?#SkipTheRinse #fyp #lgbtq #TikTokGGT #viral #ouid #?? #gravitybongs ♬ Kel Kole – K E L

It can also be used as a response to indicate that they don’t care or are loosening up. On the other hand, Urban Dictionary defines GBZ as a “Gay Buffer Zone.” It’s the difference between asking for space and wanting to make room for someone else.

Similarly, neither of these definitions is bailable in the Urban dictionary. If the two terms are combined, the implication is that there is no room for anyone else.

Rip GBZ Videos On Tiktok: What Is It All About?

Even though the exact start of this trend has yet to be documented on TikTok, numerous videos referencing it have been created. Some call it Gravity Bong, while others call it Gay buffer space. What it remains a point of contention; it all depends on one’s point of view.


It’s just weed bro.

♬ original sound – Tik Toker

However, @gbz, a TikToker, has developed an account dedicated to the Breaking Bad series. The other user, @UnpolishedRiceFarmer, has also contributed a video discussing the gravity bong.

Other videos show that the basic meaning is Gravity bong, although this is still uncertain.

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