What Disability Does Tim Dunn Have? 

Tim Dunn doesn’t have a disability, but he has been an advocate for the disabled ones.

Tim Dunn came out as gay for the first time when he was 18 years old. He remembered being there for the first time with his best buddy, Chris.

“No one seemed surprised in the beginning, save my father, who thought that if one of his sons was homosexual, it wasn’t the one who spent all of his time building railway locomotives.”

“On the other side, preconceptions and outdated tropes are always the most pleasant to refute.”

Who previously co-presented BBC Four’s surprise TV success Trainspotting Live and has a penchant for model villages reveals that growing up, he was just as self-conscious about Tim’s perceived geekiness as he was about being homosexual.

Who Is Tim Dunn Wife?

Tim Dunn does not have a have. Moreover, he has not shared any information about his relationship status.

Except that he currently lives in London with his boyfriend, who is an architectural historian.

Dunn was introduced to trains by his grandparents at a young age and worked as a teenager at Bekonscot model village.

He was educated as a historical geographer and, in addition to broadcasting, has directed museum exhibitions, served as a museum trustee, and is a member of the Railway Heritage Trust’s advisory group.

Tim Dunn Net Worth 

Tim Dunn hasn’t exclusively shared any information about his net worth.

A chronicled geographer by preparing, off-screen he has curated historical center presentations has been a historical center trustee.

He is on the admonitory board of the UK’s Railroad Legacy Believe and is the Travel Editor for Europe’s driving rail and coach app, Trainline.

Portrayed as the series’ “breakthrough star,” he played a lively portion co-presenting three evenings of frantic live TV – from rail station stages right over Britain.