What Are The Vanoss Crew Allegations? H20 Delirious And Ohmwrecker Twitter And Drama

Vanoss crew members were charged with some serious allegations by fellow YouTuber Ohmwrecker in Keemster’s new video. Here’s everything to know about the Twitter drama.

Youtuber Keemster uploaded a new video on his Drama Alert channel, discussing some allegations involving Vanoss crew members. 

The video caused some serious drama on social media. As a result, Ryan Ohmwrecker and H20 Delirious engaged in a war of words on Twitter that further piqued the fans’ and the audience’s interest.

Keemster Drama Alert Video Explained

On May 24, 2021, Keemster posted a new video on his YouTube channel, Drama Alert. 

The video tackled serious allegations against the Vanoss crew by Ohmwrecker. 

As per Ohmwreker, Vanoss crew members used to circulate pictures of girls among the group. He also shared that he got the information from Lui, a former Vanoss crew member.

Moreover, an audio recording is played in the video to further validate the claim. But, the context behind the recording is not clear. 

Further, Ohmwrecker claimed that H20 was set up by his friends nine years ago in 2013 where he had some conversation with a minor girl. The group members were also aware of it. 

Vanoss Crew Allegations Twitter Drama Explored

Vanoss crew member H20 Delirious and Ryan Ohmwrecker got into an intense Twitter drama after Ohmwrecker’s serious accusations against them. 

After Keemster’s video went public, some loyal Vanoss crew fans demanded proof from Ohmwrecker for his allegations. 

Ohmwrecker then took to Twitter to state that he had screenshots to prove his claims. 

In response, H20 Delirious retaliated and called Ohmwrecker a manipulative person. He further stated that Ohmwrecker was lying because two groups denied playing games with him. 

H20 Delirious responded to Ohmwrecker’s allegations against him in a lengthy statement on TwitLonger. 

According to his statement, he was played and betrayed by some people nine years ago when he was still in his 20s. He was invited by a girl in a voice call which later led to the equivalent of phone sex. 

He was not aware of her identity at the time. The girl and the other two persons had recorded Delirous’ calls with her. Later, he was informed that she was underage and only 17 years old. 

Delirious claims that he is still unsure if that was true or if it was just said to make him feel worse. 

Further, H20 Delirious stated that he is trying to raise a family with his child. However, Ohmwrecker’s interfering in his life with messages and blames. 

Ohmwrecker is yet to respond to H20 Delirious.