What Accent Does Sonoya Mizuno Have in House of the Dragon? Her Ethnicity, Parents and Family

Sonoya Mizuno who plays Mysaria in the Round of High positions prequel Place of the Winged serpent has an odd emphasize driving her fans into disarray.

Sonoya Mizuno is a Japanese, English, and Argentinian who normally talks with an English pronunciation yet her Mysaria highlight befuddled HOD fans, and are interested to track down the explanation for it.

Japanese-born English entertainer, Sonoya Mizuno talks a legitimate English pronunciation while she plays played various parts in an American intonation. Many cases her complement seems like a terrible impression of a Jamaican inflection.

Name Sonoya Mizuno
Nationality Japanese-British
Birthplace Tokyo, Japan
Age July 1, 1986
Father Hajime
Mother Saya Mizuno
Brother Tomoya Mizuno
Sisters Miya & Mariya Mizuno
House of the Dragon Lady Mysaria, a.k.a. White Worm

Sonoya Mizuno Family English entertainer Sonoya Mizuno was born on July 1, 1986, to her folks in Tokyo, Japan.

Sonoya Mizuno’s Folks Sonoya Mizuno was born in Tokyo yet raised to be a teen in Somerset, Britain; as her dad Hajime Mizuno, and mother Saya Mizuno moved to the Unified Realm from their home soil when she was only a youngster. Her dad was a Workmanship Chief while her mom was a housewife.

Sonoya Mizuno’s Kin Sonoya Mizuno is a sister to Miya Mizuno, Mariya Mizuno, and her brother Tomoya Mizuno. She enjoyed her life as a youngster with her three kin, two sisters, and a brother. She grew up with her three kin in Somerset.

Sonoya Mizuno Nationality Mizuno has an intriguing origin story as she was born into a blended family. Mizuno’s dad, Haji Mizuno is an unadulterated Japanese who wedded Saya Mizuno. Her mom is half Argentine and half English and wedded a Japanese man. Therefore, Sonoya Mizuno has a blended ethnic foundation.

Sonoya Mizuno’s Part in Place of the Mythical beast Sonoya Mizuno is playing Mysaria, the White Worm in George RR Martin’s prequel Place of the Winged serpent. She enters the show in the initial not many episodes where she is known as Woman Wretchedness and an admirer of Sovereign Daemon Targaryen. Mysaria’s underlying experience in the series pushes a caring relationship with the Ruler.

Who plays Mysaria in Place of the Mythical beast? Sonaya Mizuno, a Japanese-English entertainer plays Mysaria a.k.a. White Worm in Place of the Mythical beast. Sonoya is an entertainer, model, and ballet artist who has performed for English Public Hotshot across Germany and Scotland. As an entertainer, she is known for her part in Magnificence and the Monster, Insane Rich Asians, and Demolition.