Watch: Jaliyahma Fight Video With FunnyMike and Mugshots – Bodily Injuries After Domestic Violence

Jaliyahma fight videos are everywhere on Youtube. Other YouTubers like Funnymike have been busy making reaction videos on her public fight videos ever since. 

Jaliyah Monet, as Jaliyahma, is a social media influencer with over five million Instagram and YouTube followers.

Jaliyahma’s YouTube channel has a variety of entertaining films, including pranks and challenge videos.

She attracted and gained many followers during the quarantine period.

Watch: Jaliyahma Fight Video With FunnyMike and Mugshot

Jaliyahma fight videos with her boyfriend FunnyMike are popular trends teenagers watch most of the time on Youtube.

On the other hand, the mugshots of Jaliyahma arrested by the police have been trending on Youtube and Instagram.

Jaliyahma and her boyfriend Funny Mike’s prank videos and lifestyles are well-known on YouTube.

In early 2017, they created a YouTube channel together.

Their YouTube channel is well-known for its Prank Wars videos, and the duo’s video has received over 31 million views.

“Is Jaliyah Pregnant,” which has had over 650,000 views, “Kicking Jaliyah Out Prank In Front Of Hali & Runik,” which has received over 710,000 views.

Similarly, “Female V.I.A.G.R.A. Revenge Prank On Jaliyah,” which has received over 1.3 million views, is among the most popular videos.

Her videos and vlogs are successful and widely consumed because she creates informative conceptual-based content that resonates with people.

Her popularity grows as a result of her warm appearance.

She also shared films from her daily life; her video “Is Jaliyah Pregnant” has over 31 million views.

It went viral so quickly that none of her other videos had ever done anything like it.

Londyn and M.J. Johnson are the children of MacArthur Johnson, aka M.J. and Jaliyah Monet, aka Jaliyahma.

Mugshots: Did Jaliyahma Have Bodily Injuries After Domestic Violence?

Jaliyahma did have bodily injuries after her fights. The earlier fight videos of her with her boyfriend are solely for entertainment purposes.

The rumor of her getting arrested by the police for domestic violence is circulated widely over the internet. According to the video, she was arrested on 25 January.

Jaliyahma did make her videos without a script on a serious note.

She received millions of views and likes, which encouraged her to continue posting videos on YouTube to attract more subscribers and admirers.

Subsequently, Jaliyahma began posting films about pranks and lifestyles with Funny Mike.

Jaliyah Monet and her YouTube pal Funny Mike also have a joint channel called The M.J. Family.

They eventually became a true family with a lovely daughter Londyn and a son MJ.

You can find her blogging about black relationship goals, horrible kids, and other topics on her Instagram account.

Many of the other videos they shared received much attention and likes.

Their pranks with friends and other well-known YouTubers have received thousands of likes and comments on their combined channel.