Was Former Obama Consultant Attorney David Axelrod Really Arrested? Charges And Rumors Explored

David Axelrod’s arrest rumors over the internet put the politician in the highlight. 

An American political consultant David Axelrod, best-known as Obama Consultant Lawyer, has become an online sensation in recent days. He is a veteran politician who worked as a senior advisor for almost two years.

David is a member of the democratic political party, known for his long career in politics. Also, in 2022, he opened up about his further intention and plan in his career.

Regardless of Axelrod’s work, he is currently in the spotlight with the circulating rumors of his arrest.

Was David Axelrod Arrested?

As per Real Raw News, David Axelrod got arrested on Friday close by his Chicago condominium. However, no official news of his arrest is yet to get reported to the public.

As per the site, David, a former Obama Consultant lawyer, got taken into custody. Moreover, a confidential source from U.S Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps gave the information to Real Raw News.

Additionally, the site mentioned Axelrod not resisting the arrest and being justifiable. However, the news seems to be fake as the official details have not been published yet on the politician.

Furthermore, David is active on his Twitter account and has shared several posts expressing his thoughts. That being so, the rumors of him getting arrested are probably false.

Even so, with no official information and David keeping his mouth closed, it only remains as rumors for now.

Charges Against Obama Consultant Lawyer David Axelrod Explored

Obama consultant lawyer David Axelrod currently faces arrest rumors. But, the gossip does not include any charges against the politician.

As per rumors, Axelrod’s arrest went smoothly without him resisting. However, as per the first claim, the politician got detained nearby the condo.

Following the second claim, David got arrested at his friend’s house. Neither of the information has been confirmed yet, with the details probably being fake.

Come Across David Axelrod’s Wife- Does He Have Any Children?

David Axelrod is married to his wife, Susan Landau. The couple tied a knot back in 1979, and he has been married for over four decades.

David and Susan share three children, Lauren Axelrod, Ethan Axelrod, and Michael Axelrod. The couple’s first daughter faced epilepsy when she was just seven months.

As mentioned by David, his firstborn went through brutal seizures. He now advocates for the people who battle with an illness like his daughter.