Wade Goodwyn Children: Did Wade Goodwyn Have Kids?

Wade Goodwyn had two daughters. There is no information about his children on the Internet as he kept his personal life away from the internet.

In 1993, Goodwyn went to Waco, Texas to add to National Desk Correspondent, John Burnett’s coverage of the 1993 Branch Davidian siege. It became a major national story, and Goodwyn managed the first interview of a former Branch Davidian and other scoops which led to his being hired by NPR as a staff correspondent.

Goodwyn’s stories were frequently included in NPR programmes like All Things Considered and Morning Edition, covering Texas, the surrounding states and other tales of national interest. Some noteworthy stories covered significant hurricanes, the Oklahoma City bombing, the murderers of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield, and others.

Goodwyn was known for his baritone voice, which he said deepened with age. NPR CEO, John Lansing called him, “one of NPR’s iconic voices. He left NPR on April 28, 2023.