USA Gold Medalist Caeleb Dressel Parents: Who Is His Father Michael Dressel?

Michael Dressel is the dad of Caeleb Dressel. His reaction to Caeleb’s Olympic win has recently gone viral. 

A new Olympic record has been made in the 100-meter freestyle swimming race. Caeleb Dressel emerged from his 6th place in Rio de Janerio Olympic to hit the number one spot in Tokyo.

In addition to his win, Dressel’s family are also trending for a sweet reason.

Who is Michael Dressel? Caeleb Dressel Dad Reaction on His Win

Michael Dressel is Caeleb Dressel dad aka father. 

He is one of the hidden inspirations behind Caeleb’s success. In fact, both Caeleb Dressel’s parents, Michael Dressel and Christina Dressel have been supporting his swimming career since the start.

Michael Dressel and the family’s recent heartwarming reaction to Caeleb’s gold medal win tells it all. They couldn’t hold back their tears as the swimmer made a new Olympic record of 47.02 seconds.


Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, Caeleb Dressel’s parents and siblings were watching the finals live from Orlando, Florida. They filmed themselves cheering their heart out as Caeleb won the 100-meter freestyle.

On the other hand, Caeleb also couldn’t hold his tears back. When he talked to his family on video chat, he got further emotional and said, “Love you guys, thank you”.

The interaction was so sweet that the Dressels has now trending all over social media. Likewise, fans couldn’t seem to top talking about the sweetest gesture.

Michael Dressel Age: How Old Is He?

Michael Dressel seems around the age of his 50s.

Christian and Michael Dressel gave birth to Caeleb as the third child among the 4 brothers and sisters. Similarly, Caeleb turned 24 years old last August.

Caeleb Dressel’s siblings include Tyler, Kaitlyn and Sherridon. Similar to the athlete, all of them are also competitive swimmers.


Michael pushed his children to pursue their dreams from a young age. As a fact, he even sent Caelbe to train in Bolles School Sharks, Jacksonville to hone his swimming skills.

Today, Michael stands proud of all of his children. Furthermore, they frequently go on family vacations together.

Exploring Michael Dressel’s Net Worth

It is reported that Michael Dressel enjoys a net worth of $3 million USD with his son, Caeleb.

Caeleb is a 7 times gold medalist in the 2017 World Aquatics Championships. Similarly, he won 7 gold in the World Aquatics Championships of 2019.

With his immense popularity, the 6 feet 3 inches swimmer gets sponsorships from multiple brands. Thus, we are doubtless that he shares his fortune with his family.

Besides, Michael himself is a pretty accomphisled man. He works as a veterinarian in Jacksonville, Florida.