Untold Facts To Know About Matthew Copley, Delta Goodrem’s Partner

Australian singer Delta Goodrem’s partner, Matthew Copley, is also a musical artist.

Delta Goodrem was born on 1984 November 9, and her music career began when she was a teenager of fifteen years. The singer belongs to Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Her debut album was entitled “Innocent Eyes,” and it was released in 2002. The album was successful in being on the top of the ARIA Albums Chart for 29 weeks continuously.

Goodrem usually sings pop and pop-rock. Her second album was called “Mistaken Identity,” which she released in 2004. The album was created when she was fighting Cancer. This album also became a number one hit until she returned with another album, “Delta,” and it was no less successful.

The singer’s fourth studio album, “Child of the Universe,” produced the single called “sitting on the top of the world,” and so many fans loved it worldwide.

Delta Goodrem has a total of nine singles that have become number-one. Moreover, 17 top-ten hits on the ARIA Singles Chart. Her career as a singer has been flourishing very beautifully. In 2014, she also coached the popular reality show “The Voice Kids.”

Delta Goodrem Partner, Matthew Copley

Matthew Copley, popularly known as Matt Copley, is the partner of the famous Australian singer Delta Goodrem.

Matthew Copley is also an Australian Musician. Although he’s not so common in the eyes of the public, he has played in the band “Sons of Midnight” along with the singer Conrad Sewell. He has toured places with the singer as the opener for acts, including Simple Plan and Avril Lavigne.

The band had music released in the year 2012. However, not much has been known about the band’s existence or withdrawal in recent years. Copley is also a songwriter and producer. The couple has become a significant talk in the music industry and is making headlines together.

Matthew and Delta Goodrem look fabulous together. Both relate to the same field and are successful in their respective careers, which makes them a power couple. They are usually seen sharing pictures of one another through their personal Instagram handles. They also share clips of their performances together.

Besides sharing their pictures on social media platforms, the couple has remained silent about their relationship. Many of their fans believe they have been in a relationship for years. They seem to have a lot of love and respect for each other. She shared in an interview that Matt makes it easier for Delta to go straight to the core of feelings quickly.

Quick Facts about Matthew:

Full name Matthew Copley
Date of birth 1984
Place of birth Australia
Age 38 years
Profession Musician, singer, and song writer
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Weight Around 75 Kg
Net worth $1-5 Million
Instagram handle @matthew.copley

Matthew Copley Met Delta Goodrem Through Music

Many fans are curious about how this wonderful couple met each other, and it’s only through music that they have bonded so well.

Reportedly, Matthew met the excellent singer when she was touring for musical concerts in 2017. Both of them are good friends with singer Conrad Sewell. Therefore, many of their fans assume they must have met through mutual connections.

Matthew Copley and Delta Goodrem have kept their lips tight about their relationship details. Therefore, it’s pretty tricky to know about their personal stories. In one of her interviews with Instyle Australia, Delta said that she had made a conscious decision when she was 30 that she is not somebody who wants to talk about relationships.

However, Delta Goodrem finally told stellar that music is what both of them do, and music is what brought them closer. Moreover, she also shared that she likes working with Matthew because they are living and breathing together all the time.

Matthew Copley and Delta Goodrem are workmates, too, and they respect each other. Goodrem loves to go deeper when it’s about long-term friendships and relationships, and Matthew has been there with her for a long time. Since they have similar careers, they blend well just like Singer Ellie Roswell and Musician Austin Williams.

Matthey Copley did Bunkerdown Sessions with Delta Goodrem

Matthew Copley and Delta Goodrem have been together for some years. They went Instagram official in January of 2019. Delta had posted a rare loved-up couple shot to let her fans know about her partner.

However, after the announcement, the couple did not appear on each other’s social media until COVID-19 happened. During the pandemic and lockdown, Matthew started doing Bunkerdown Sessions with his partner, Delta Goodrem.

During the sessions, the couple used to perform several songs together. They recorded covers together in their living room, and the session was adored by so many of their fans. The Bunkerdown session would take place every Thursday, once a week.

The couple had made such a decision mutually. They spent the isolation together and decided to come up with something new to entertain themselves and their well-wishers. “In our household, we both are performers,” Delta said in one of her interviews. Matt is an incredible musician, and Delta is a fantastic singer. We could see her sing in a very soulful voice while Matt played guitar.

Matthew Copley could have already married Delta Goodrem

There are rumors about Matthew and Delta being secretly engaged and hitched.

It was in the September of 2020 that fans went crazy and started gossiping about Delta and Matthew getting married.

The rumor spread like wildfire, becoming a significant talk of the town. Many assumed the couple was already engaged because some fans spotted rings on both of their fingers during one of their performances in the Bunkerdown sessions.

Fans commented asking about their wedding where. One wrote, “I noticed the rings on your fingers.” However, the couple has not said anything or addressed the rumors.

Although we should not accept random things based on hearsay, we can’t stop but think that the couple could be engaged. They will surely let the truth come out one day. Till then, we should do nothing but be eagle-eyed and study details about the wedding.

Matthew Copley was snapped with Delta Goodrem in Hawaii

In 2018, Matthew Copley was spotted and snapped with Delta Goodrem in one of the resorts in Hawaii.

The couple was seen spending time together and enjoying their vacation in Hawaii. Moreover, they were also snapped kissing at the resort. This clearly indicated to all the curious people that the two of them were dating.

The onlooker saw them wrapped around each other’s arms and showing affection to one another. “They could not just keep their hands off each other. If I didn’t know better, I would have mistaken them for honeymooners”, the onlooker further explained.

The couple was in Hawaii for their new year celebration. At that time, fellow holidaymakers had also sparked speculation that the singer might have a baby on board.

Matthew is the nephew of Lizzy Morrissey

Matthew Copley is the nephew of Mizzy Morrissey and her husband Mark Morrissey who are great talent agents of the entertainment industry.

Matthew, therefore, has a connection with many great personalities in the industry. His musical career has also been flying like never before. He has shared stages with the likes of The Weekend and One Direction too.

Moreover, he is also the best friend of Aussie Chart Topper, Cornard Sewell. Sewell is very popular and his musical journey is absolutely amazing. Both Matthew and Delta make a wonderful couple also because of their successful journey in the same field.

In addition, since both have a passion for music and want to make the best out of their musical career, they are driven in the same direction together. This must have made the couple easier to understand more about one another and plan accordingly.

Matthew Copley is active on instagram

Matthew Copley is available on Instagram under the username @matthew.copley, and he has got 13K followers.

Matthew’s Instagram is public to onlookers, and he has four hundred and four posts. Most of the posts on his Instagram are about music, performances, and his partner Delta Goodrem. Most of the pictures in his profile look aesthetic. He seems to have a great interest in art. In one of the pictures he posted, he wrote, “Take a moment .. anything can be art if you take time to appreciate it.”

There are many pictures of him performing together with Delta on stage. Moreover, he has also written a beautiful caption dedicating a post to his beloved. They recently traveled to Memphis and seemed to have a lot of fun together.

We can also see their jamming sessions on his Instagram account. The lockdown sessions made them even more popular, and looked beautiful while performing together. Their cover of the song “pretty woman” won the hearts of so many people.

Some FAQs

What is the age of Matthew Copley?

Matthew Copley was born in 1984 and is 38 years old as of 2022

What is the net worth of Matthew Copley?

Matthew Copley’s estimated net worth is $1-5 Million

Who is Matthew Copley Dating?

Matthew Copley has been dating the famous Australian Singer, Delta Goodrem

Is Matthew Copley a musical artist?

Matthew Copley is an Aussie Musician and he was in the band Sons of Midnight