UFC: Who Is Vanessa Demopoulos? Meet The Lil Monster On Instagram

Vanessa Demopoulos Aka Lil monster is the UFC flyweight champion and an MMA fighter, currently ranked #77 worldwide.

Vanessa Demopoulos Aka Lil monster is a pro-MMA fighter who competes in jiujitsu. She is an accomplished author in addition to her fame as a model.

She has also been known for her roles on Netflix and reality television, kickstarting her acting career. Her outstanding MMA records are an inspiration to the youngsters.

She has become the role model for many young girls to take up careers in the male-dominated sector; she is the synonym of beauty and power and a true example of women’s empowerment.

The fighter is an accomplished career with many national and international matches that have earned her many accolades.

What is Vanessa Demopolous Age?

Vanessa Demopolous was born in Cleveland, Ohio, The United States, on September 22, 1988, which makes her age 33 as of January 2022.

She had a keen interest in fighting from an early age.

Vanessa was a pro pole dancer that was the foundation of her strength, and upon being suggested by many, she started training for fights at the age of 21.

She had been an exotic entertainer before starting her career in kickboxing. Putting on the same hard work and determination as in pole dancing made her a great fighter.

As a high schooler, she had got expelled from school for fighting, so as an adult, she just grabbed the opportunity whenever she could and moved to another city to get trained.

Who Are Vanessa Demopolous Parents?

Vanessa Demoplous hasn’t disclosed her parents’ name yet, but we have come to know that her dad was a DJ and a manager and her mom was an exotic entertainer.

Vanessa has been influenced by her mom, and her mom’s footsteps led her into pole dancing.

She always looked up to her mom regarding her career and got guided about the pros and cons of the industry.

Her parents are of Greek origin, and she was brought up in Greece by her grandparents. She also went to kindergarten in Greece, and Greek is her first language.

Meet Vanessa Demopolous On Instagram

Vanessa Demopolous has been actively using Instagram under the username lilmonsterdemo and has gathered 32.5k followers. She has posted 541 entertaining photos and videos to keep her followers entertained.

Her Instagram profile consists of photos related to her career in fighting. She is highly conscious about her body and spends most of her time in Gym.

After reviewing her profile, we know that she is an Instagram influencer and does pay promotions of products. She is also fond of posting her vacation photos.

She enjoys the beach and high cliffs, so we can conclude that she is an adventure lover. She has also posted her friends and family on Instagram.