Travis McMichael Death Penalty Details

Regarding Travis McMichael’s death penalty, he won’t get the death penalty verdict as per 11Alive.

It is found that the concerned prosecutors have not sought the death sentence to the Ahmaud Arbery’s murderers.

However, the concerned ones have intended to seek life term imprisonment without parole for McMichael and the other two killers as noted in the NPR. 

 As per the decision and final verdict made by the judge, Travis is charged with nine criminal counts in Georgia state court. The charges imposed against him are four counts of felony murder, one count of false imprisonment, one count of malice murder, two counts of aggravated assault, and one count of criminal attempt to commit a felony.

Travis McMichael Mother And Family Background

Travis McMichael’s mother is named Leigh McMichael.

It seems the convicted murderer Travis really loves his mother as he turned to his mom and mouthed that he loves her before departing off to prison. 

Other than his parents Greg and Leigh McMichael, his family also consisted of his sister Lindsey McMichael who was also present in his courtroom hearing. 

While one mother lost his husband and son, another justice-seeking mother of the deceased Ahmaud, Wanda Cooper-Jones, cried tears of joy after getting full justice for his son, who died untimely and unfairly.   

Who Are Travis McMichael Wife & Children? 

Travis McMichael’s wife and children’s details remain unexplored in the virtual platforms.

A site called Daily News Catcher noted down that he is married and shares a son with his wife.

Furthermore, Travis’s wife and children were absent in the court and only his father, mother, and sister were present there.

Perhaps, this could also be the case that Travis McMichael is unmarried and, therefore, has no wife.

Travis McMichael Shooting Video

Travis McMichael’s shooting video served as evidence to know the real truth.

The court officials saw footage from police body cameras in the moments following Ahmaud Arbery’s killing. Before the video footage was publicized, the three defendants told the jury that they were just trying to detain Ahmaud and not actually harm him.

But, all those sayings turned out wrong after the prosecutors used the video in court. And, as a result, one thing was made clear that the three of the murderers were simply not just trying to detain Arbery.

Where Is Travis McMichael Now?

Travis McMichael is currently under police custody and is highly likely to spend his whole life serving in prison.