Tones and I’s Weight Loss: What Happened to Toni Watson? How Did The Singer Get So Slim? What Diet and Workouts Did She Follow?

Tones and I looks completely unrecognizable after the weight loss she has had since she first rose to fame in 2019 with her breakout single Dance Monkey. The singer, whose real name is Toni Watson, was very huge when she started out. However, she never gave any signs that she was trying to lose weight. Only recently when Tones and I announced her marriage to Jimmy Bedford that people noticed that she has undergone a massive transformation and weight loss.

Very few artists can replicate the success that Tones and I had with her breakout single Dance Monkey. To give you an idea of just how successful that single was, it catapulted her into international fame overnight. That ubiquitous smash ruled the world for a while and was just about everywhere. It reached number one in over 30 countries including Australia.

There was a point when it was just her music that was the talk of the town and the whole world even. Now, she’s the talk of the town because of the new development in her relationship status. She got married to a long-time boyfriend and when she announced that via Instagram, people also noticed that she has undergone a weight loss since she first broke out. She’s gotten a lot slimmer and she looks unrecognizable. If it wasn’t for the way she dresses, she would be mistaken for some other girl. Let’s talk about Tones and I’s weight loss and how drastic it was and how it happened!

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Tones and I’s Weight Loss: Toni Watson Looks Unrecognizable After Slimming Down; Fans Want to Know Her Diet Plan and Workout Routine!

So, Tones and I (@tonesandi) has undergone a weight loss and has had a massive transformation from when she first broke out about four years ago.

The singer, whose real name is Toni Watson, rose to stardom when she released Dance Monkey which became an overnight success and led her to overnight fame. If you remember those days then (back when she was not in the headlines for her weight loss), you might remember that Tones and I was not one of those conventionally pretty girls. In fact, she was very tomboyish, mostly dressed up in a loose T-shirt and a pair of sweatpants with a cap. And also, she was large. She was really heavy. She looked huge, a lot huger than she does now.

Since then, Tones and I has so obviously had a weight loss. Even if you were not keeping up with her in her hiatus from music, you surely would have known by now because now she’s been making headlines with her marriage announcement. Yeah, she got married to her boyfriend Jimmy Bedford and in the pictures she posted of her wedding ceremony on Instagram, she looked completely unrecognizable.

I wouldn’t have been able to tell the person in the pictures was Toni Watson without the captions and if I wasn’t following her. The weight loss was that dramatic. Because Tones and I was huge, there was a lot to lose and she did and she has massively transformed after that. It might have come as a shock to many because while there were discussions about her size back when she debuted, she didn’t give her time of the day to such discussions and never engaged in those.

Tones and I never gave any indication that she was ever concerned about weight loss. She never shared that she was working to lose weight. She never let any conversation about herself and her music be hijacked by discussions of her size. So, people never thought that she would ever be going through such a drastic change. Hence, when she came looking like that, she really impressed as well as shocked her fans.

Now, fans are so curious about what Toni Watson did to lose weight. They want some tips from her on diet and workout routines. However, Tones and I is maintaining the silence she has always kept for discussion about her size and weight. She is yet to acknowledge her weight loss and give deets about it to her fans like they want.

Tones and I: The Success of Dance Monkey!

In November 2019, Tones and I‘s Dance Monkey broke the ARIA record for the most weeks at number one on the singles chart by any artist when it spent sixteen weeks atop the chart. It went on to reign longer than that. It was mid-January 2020 – in the 24th week – when Dance Monkey ended its reign at the top. When it did, it beat BingCrosby‘s all-time Australian record for his version of White Christmas, which spent an equivalent of 22 weeks at the top in 1943. It was certified 17× platinum by ARIA for shipments of over 1,190,000 units by mid-2022.

Because of the success she had with Dance Monkey, Tones and I swept at the ARIA Music Awards in 2019 and became the most-awarded artist of the night after winning four out of eight nominations. She followed that impossible single with an EP The Kids Are Coming on 30 August 2019, which peaked at number three in Australia and top 10 in several countries. She released her debut album Welcome to the Madhouse about two years later on 16 July 2021 via Bad Batch. The album debuted at number one on the ARIA Albums Chart while its lead single Fly Away peaked at number four in Australia, number eleven in the UK and Denmark, and number ten in Ireland.