Tom Jackson (actor) wife: Who is Alison Jackson?

Unveiling the Remarkable Alison Jackson, Philanthropist and Partner in Purpose

Behind the illustrious career of Canadian actor, singer, and philanthropist Tom Jackson, stands a woman equally impactful in her own right—Alison Jackson.

A Decades-Long Partnership

Tom Jackson and Alison Jackson have shared their lives for over three decades, their enduring partnership a testament to the strength of their bond. Married since 1991, the couple has navigated the challenges of fame and the entertainment industry while maintaining a private and steadfast relationship.

Alison Jackson’s Professional Identity

Alison Jackson is recognized for her multifaceted contributions to various fields. As a producer, philanthropist, and social entrepreneur, she has carved out her own space in the world of arts and humanitarian efforts. Her dynamic professional identity complements Tom Jackson’s diverse career, creating a power couple that extends their influence beyond the realms of entertainment.

The Huron Carole: A Legacy of Giving

One of the most notable collaborations between Tom and Alison Jackson is the creation of the annual Huron Carole series of Christmas concerts. This initiative, started in 1987, has become a cherished tradition, raising funds to support various charitable causes. The legacy of the Huron Carole is a testament to the couple’s dedication to giving back to their community and beyond.