TikTok: Boyd Householder Son, Circle Of Hope Ranch Owner Wikipedia

Boyd Householder appeared in a TikTok video of his daughter, which said that he runs a ranch where girls are abused. Boyd Householder also has a son.

Well-known as a business person, Boyd is serving as the CEO of Circle of Hope Girls Ranch since July 2016. Previously, he was the ranch manager and Dean of Staff at Agape’ Boys Ranch, from July 2001 until June 2006.

Boyd Householder TikTok

Well, Boyd Householder is not actually a TikTok star, which is why we cannot find him on TikTok. However, he has made the headlines after appearing on his daughter Ashley Householder‘s TikTok video.

In her TikTok video, Ashley has revealed that her parents have been abusing teenage girls physically, sexually, and emotionally. In fact, a great friend of Boyd, Joseph Askins, visited the ranch and was disgusted to see the treatment of young girls who were there seeking help to stop making poor choices.

Meet Circle Of Hope Ranch Owner Boyd Son

Boyd Householder is the current owner and CEO of Circle of Hope, a girls’ ranch. The ranch was specifically established to help young ladies stop making poor choices. 

Apart from a daughter, Boyd Householder and his wife Stephanie Householder has a son too. Although his name is not known, The Cinemaholic revealed that the teenage boy had forcibly raped two anonymous women when they were living at the ranch; the surprising fact is that his parents were present when the co-owner of Circle of Hope assisted in raping them. 

Boyd Householder Wikipedia Explored

Boyd Householder’s details are currently unavailable on Wikipedia. However, he has a LinkedIn profile from where we can find most of his information easily.

The LinkedIn profile reveals that he hails from Humansville, Missouri, United States, making him an American citizen. There are two lawsuits filed against Boyd and his wife, which list a series of physical and emotional abuses towards Circle of Hope Ranch‘s young girls.