Tennis Player Jodie Burrage and Rugby Boyfriend Ben White Has Up Athletic Royalty

Tennis player Jodie Burrage has again come to the limelight after beating Paulo Badosa in the recent 2022 Eastbourne International match. Fans want to know more about the tennis player, her boyfriend, her net worth, and her parents.

Jodie made a comeback not long ago, in 2021, into the world of professional tennis after quitting sports from her injury at the age of 17.

The tennis player has brought her all into the game with her WTA ranking at 169 and is soon expected to be in the Top 50 with her recent win against Paula Badosa. Let us learn more about the player.

Tennis Player Jodie Burrage’s Rugby Boyfriend Ben White

Tennis player Jodie Burrage is dating rugby player boyfriend Ben White. The athletes are all over each other’s social media hanging out together and having fun supporting each other.

The tennis player’s boyfriend is a professional rugby player for London Irish. The British player has made 71 appearances for Leicester Tigers in Premiership Rugby and debuted in Scotland’s 2022 Six Nations Championship winning against England.

Ben started playing for the Leicester Tigers at the age of 17 and was recently released on June 16, 2021.

Jodie states that she grew up in a family of rugby lovers, and she loves the game as well. Now that she is dating a professional rugby player, she is very excited and tries to go to see Ben’s games in person whenever she is free.

Her boyfriend was the one who inspired her to start playing tennis again after taking a break from sports because of her injuries at 17.

The two are always seen supporting each other in their career and hyping each other up. The tennis player also talked about staying with her boyfriend during the lockdown.

Jodie and Ben seem to be the perfect pair for each other with their athlete background and supportive relationship; we hope to see more of the couple in the future.

Jodie Burrage’s Net Worth Revealed

According to People Ai, Jodie Burrage has an estimated net worth of $1.73 million. The player has earned most of her net worth from winning tournaments in playing singles and doubles.

She has over five titles in doubles tennis tournaments with prize money ranging from $15000 to $100,000. Also, Burrage has won 4 titles and seven runner-ups in singles tournaments with the same range of prize money.

The athlete also earns from brand deals as she is currently working with Adidas Tennis and Wilson Tennis.

Who Are Jodie Burrage’s Parents?

Jodie Burrage was born in Kingston on May 28, 1999, to parents Chris and Yvonne Burrage. She was raised with her three brothers, Zach Burrage, Ben Burrage, and Seb Burrage.

Her mother, Yvonne Burrage, was also a tennis player who inspired her to play tennis as a kid. She was named a prodigy as a teenager but had to stop playing tennis due to an injury.

Now, her boyfriend has once again inspired the 23-year-old to continue playing, and she is doing just as great. Burrage mentioned that all her brothers are very competitive, which also made her competitive.