Sydney Kronmiller Choses Camila As Her Coach After The Mesmerizing Voice Audition

Sydney Kronmiller’s unique hoarse voice surprised the coaches and audience in the blind auditions of The Voice season 22.

The singer Sydney Kronmiller mesmerized the coaches with her exceptional vocal quality in the reality singing show. Her distinct tone on “Latch” by Disclosure and Sam Smith sounded beautiful.

Kronmiller, through her outstanding performance, became able to turn the seats of two coaches, Camila Cabello and Gwen Stefani. However, the singer chose to go to Camila’s team for her further journey in The Voice. Camila seemed to be more than happier to have such a talented contestant on her hands.

Kronmiller belongs to Utah, and she is also a songwriter. Addressing her, Stefani said, “I love somebody that is a songwriter who has an understated, beautiful tone.” On the other hand, Camila could not stop gushing about the acoustic reworking version of the hit song.

She stated that the song is a very vulnerable and intimate choice. “The version I know is this electronic, Sam Smith-Disclosure version, and this person is stripping it down, and she plays the guitar.”

Stefani lost the battle to Camila Cabello since Kronmiller went to the Camila team. The 25-year-old immediately struck a chord with both the coaches.

Quick Facts About Sydney Kronmiller From The Voice

Full name Sydney Kronmiller
Age 25 years
Place of Birth Ogden, Utah
Date of birth 1997
Profession Songwriter, and singer
Instagram @pydneysaige
Net worth less than $1 Million
Marital status Unmarried
Chosen Coach Team Camila

Is Sydney Kronmiller from The Voice Transgender?

The fans suspected Sydney Kronmiller to be a man due to her deep voice in the show.

It is remarkable how she used both the high notes and low notes in her song. It made her sound like two different singers.

However, the singer herself has not shared anything about her identity. She uses she/her pronouns.

She has a unique sound, and her performance on the stage was upbeat. The singer received two chair turns from coach Gwen and Camila Cabello. During the introduction session, Sydney explained that it was her Father who inspired her toward music.

While singing, it is never an easy task to switch between a high tone and a low note. However, despite the difficulty, Sydney effortlessly mastered her song. She easily juggled between deep bass and high notes, which stunned the audience and judges. She had chosen the song named “Latch” by Sam Smith. Camila turned her chair soon after the performance began while Gwen Stefani followed.

Kronmiller’s performance was also adored by John Legend, although he chose not to turn the chair for her. In addition, Blake Shelton also found some minor errors in her singing. Ultimately, it was up to Sydney, who she wanted to be her coach between Camila and Gwen, and she chose Team Camila like her fellow contestant Chello. The audience also loved her performance.

Sydney Kromiller is 25 years old

Sydney Kromiller revealed her age to be 25 when she introduced herself after she finished her audition performance.

She was born in Utah and is a native American. She sang beautifully and, at the same time, played the guitar on her own. The texture of her voice sounded deep and wonderful. She began her performance with a deep breath and took her voice to the next level.

Stefani loved her as soon as she began playing the guitar. In addition, Camila turned the chair within just a few seconds of her singing. During the comments, Stefani said that her voice went so low, which was something incredible about her singing. Moreover, she also expressed that she loved the guitar when it came in. The coach loved the vibe of what Sydney did.

Moreover, John Legend commented that he was impressed by her range because not many people can sing that low and again go high. Camila seemed very excited to know that Sydney was her age. She said that the song was a very vulnerable and intimate choice. She admired Sydney for choosing such an electronic song and changing it into a different version on her own.

According to Blake, her transition in the falsetto was a bit pitchy for him, to which Kronmiller agreed. Therefore, the coach decided not to turn because she already had a couple of button pushes. However, he congratulated Sydney and was happy to welcome her on board.

Sydney Kronmiller Parents

Sydney Kronmiller’s parents are her inspiration as her father taught her music while her mother was her cheerleader.

Her father’s name is Micah Kronmiller.

During the show, she remembered how her father taught her the importance of music. She credits her father for developing love and passion for music in her life. Moreover, she also recounted how she used to ask her father to sing songs during bedtime. She loved to hear bedtime songs rather than bedtime stories.

In addition, Kronmiller got emotional remembering how her life turned upside down when she was seven years old. Her parents decided to separate their ways and got a divorce. After the incident, her other became dependent on alcohol and became an alcoholic.

The singer was sad that her mother could not be there for her during crucial moments. When she was around 15, her mother started working towards sobriety; today, she is the biggest supporter of Sydney. The singer named her mother for being the cheerleader. Sydney’s mother also got emotional when she re-collected the things Sydney had to go through in her life.

Talking about her family, Sydney seems to be a mother of a cute little daughter judging from her Instagram photos. However, she has not mentioned the name of the girl or the father of the baby.

Sydney Kronmiller on Instagram

Sydney Kronmiller is available on Instagram under the username @pydneysaige. She has got 1,505 followers.

On her official Instagram account, Sydney Kronmiller has 39 posts altogether. Her recent post is about her performance on The Voice. Although Kronmiller is not so active, her posts look beautiful.

From her feed on the social media platform, we can assume that she has a beautiful relationship with her mom. Moreover, she also looks like someone who loves spending time with her friends and family. Although he has not mentioned anything, she seems to have an elder sister.

Some pictures of her with a baby, who could be her niece. She has a beautiful bond with the little one. Moreover, Sydney has also posted a few clips of her singing on her account. The rest of her posts are related to travel and fun. Recently, she has been re-sharing stories about her performance in The Voice.

Some FAQs

How old is Sydney Kronmiller?

The Voice contestant, Sydney Kronmiller is 25 years old

Where is Sydney Kronmiller from?

Sydney Kronmiller is from Odgen, Utah

Whom did Sydney Kronmiller choose as her coach?

Sydney Kronmiller chose to be in the team of Camila Cabello