Susan Cunliffe Lister Obituary

Susan Cunlifee-Lister was a British crossbench member of the House of Lords, disability campaigner and Paralympic athlete.

Cunliffe-Lister was Vice President of the Snowdon Trust, founded by the Earl of Snowdon, which provides grants and scholarships for students with disabilities. Her 53 years’ membership of the House of Lords was the longest of any female peer.

Cunliffe-Lister was disabled in a riding accident in 1958, and subsequently became a champion for causes related to disability. She was a longtime supporter of the Charity Disability Action, Yorkshire, becoming Patron in 2011.

Cunliffe Lister was the founder of the Spinal Injuries Association, of which she was president.

Cunliffe-Lister competed in several Paralympic Games. At the inaugural Games in Rome in 1960, she won swimming gold and silver in the 25m breaststroke complete class 2 and 25m backstroke complete class 2 respectively, as well as bronze in the table tennis, women’s double class B.