Storage Wars Cast, is it real or fake and staged?

They always say never judge a book by its cover, but Thom Beers and his co-executive producers got several people to not only judge the books (storage boxes) but buy them and consider all the “risks which are attached to it.

Ok, let’s be clear about this. Storage units are rented to individuals and business owners usually on a monthly basis, right? These storage facility managers are therefore also entitled to put a unit up for auction if debts are incurred by the lessee. Interestingly, the public is invited to such sales, but no one is allowed to touch or move any object in a unit, they can only watch from afar.

In California, the fixed time period for a scheduled auction is three months. Original Productions, in collaboration with FremantleMedia and A&E Network, seized on the frenzy of such sales and launched a television series in 2010 – Storage Wars.

The storage wars

The show boasts of several interesting cast and crew members, including Dan and Laura Dotson, two California-based professional auctioneers. The duo have been said to be the inspiration behind the birth of Storage Wars. Of course, it takes more than two people to put on a show. Thus, there is also the beautiful and warm Texan, Brandi Passante, suspected of being in some way related to Jarrod Schulz, a “criminal”.

In the fifth season, Ivy Calvin entered the featured and was dubbed the cheapest (or one of the cheapest) with around $850,000, contrary to Barry Weiss’ (not the music producer’s) estimate of 10 millions of dollars. Well, it is necessary to say that Barry’s fortune comes mainly from Northern Produce, a company co-owned with his brother.

The American reality series boasts of a fairly wide band composition, from buyers to auctioneers, as recurring guests and cast members. Beyond the already named guys, the main cast of the series includes; Kenny Crossley, Shana Dahan, Edwina Register, Justin Bryant, Emily Wears, Dave Hester, Darrell Sheets, Rene Nezhoda and Mary Padian.

It will be a big omission if Casey Lloyd Nezhoda, a woman who is a perfect definition of the word sexy, is not mentioned. Either way, the Dotson’s remain a big factor in this drama.

Alright, we can already hear your bells! Drama, you say? Either way, you’re not alone on this, as there’s a school of thought that swears that Storage Wars, like many other TV series and shows (like The Curse of Oak Island), is guided by a script. that there is a screenwriter or screenwriters out there who don’t get due credit, but are duly “credited”. Or rather, that the show is fundamentally wrong! So let’s talk about that…

Is it real or fake and staged?

Imagine discovering a piggy bank hidden by your grandmother, more than ten years ago, in search of recent banknotes. This seems wrong and would require a lot of questions to be answered; especially if you had been told that no one had touched him so much over the years. Confusing? Well, it happened during an actual episode when a 10-year-old storage unit containing a 4-month-old dollar bill was discovered.

Ever wondered how many boxes have less than one valuable item? Your proposal is just as good as ours. We may not know about it, but some quarters believe that the secret ingredient to this delicious part of the show is salt. Please don’t fool us, will you? Salt is basically added in a process called salting, in which one or two valuables are thrown into a unit’s mix in order to fuel discovery and make it less regular and uninteresting.

Leave out all the law you might think you know: it’s illegal to sort out a box before an auction, etc. No one will be stupid enough to tamper with the law so openly, don’t you think?

The auction actually takes place (sometimes it’s real) before the cameras are cut, the deed done and the tapes ready to roll. Wait a few minutes and the “oohs” and “ahs” start, a diamond or pearl has been found. But to be honest, some boxes contain absolute junk while others contain really good pieces, as many have claimed, but are you going to knowingly encase a gem and then let it go to auction?

If you’re a regular at auction events, then it should be common knowledge to you that they aren’t exactly always loud. Some auctions are so boring that some items only get a bid or two. Yet never or hardly ever on Storage Wars do we get that. The auctions of this show are always interesting. How? ‘Or’ What? We wouldn’t be surprised to know that most auctions are after auctions in order to get all the fun and fun stuff. We’ve never been in the group (yet) so can’t really say, but they must have some kind of psychic power to tell the good things off with a look.

Claims have also been made that entire storage units have been tampered with at times. We’re talking about getting an empty unit, filling it with everything that isn’t, and presenting it as an actual storage box.

Oh désolé, le spectacle n’a jamais prétendu être réel,ils? Nous avons simplement supposé ou pensé que c’était le cas. Cela ressemble tellement à la façon dont nous croyions que le père Noël était un véritable homme sans âge, à la barbe blanche, sans emploi et joyeux, en distribuant des cadeaux gratuits aux petits enfants et en descendant dans les cheminées sales. Ou comment nous avons perdu une dent et les avons placés sous nos oreillers pour que la fée des dents puisse déposer un sou en échange. Bien sûr, nous avons tous été victimes jusqu’à devenir «sage». La même chose vaut pour ce spectacle A & E.

Once upon a time, one of the show’s most cherished stars, one might say the most beloved, sued the Discovery Channel for forgery and stagecraft. Dave Hester, better known as The Mogul, cited the Communications Act of 1934, knowing that the series was a game. In defense, A&E stated unequivocally that it was never stated that Storage Wars was a game. The reason is that if it was so, the participants had to show some skill and/or some intelligence and not just rely on foolish luck.

As insulting as that answer was, it solved the question, and answered the question we’ve all been asking about whether the show is real or fake. You’d think that gracefully calling the stars numbskull would make them rethink the show, it didn’t. Don’t ask why – money is addictive. With some casts having a supposed net worth of up to $5 million and the show being a major source of wealth, it would be foolish to walk away from such a lucrative business. We assume you already know it’s Darrell Sheets, let’s move on. Before we do, let’s just mention Brandon Sheets, Darrell’s highly controversial son and “crybaby” son who is no longer a cast, but that’s no surprise, despite all his tweets.

With so much fortune seemingly lying around in the pockets of the stars, it’s also been said that several valuables that were “found” in the units actually came from them. Confused? Not to be. It happens that some people say that some of the valuable collections discovered by the castings discovered were bought or brought before by the researcher and placed on the units by the crew.

You should know that an essential part of the show is the reviewers. These are the people responsible for the “professional” care of the found objects and their monetary value. For these guys there are even more rumors, rumors that they are mostly unqualified and unworthy of being value judges. Yes, most of the time these appraisers own a store or boutique and have an idea of ​​what’s going on, but they’re hardly ever experts on the subject.

The lowest hit we have to declare is unproven, and a “supposed” truth is too low to ignore. A source with a grudge-like name said AE allegedly “forced” one of its actors to undergo plastic surgery. So, this person is rumored to be female and deemed “unworthy” for television. Her name was not mentioned, it was simply said that she was practically coerced and paid to go under the knife and acquire better assets worth showing and blurring on TV.

Although this is totally a rumor and should be taken with just a pinch of salt, we believe that modifying any part of the body should be a decision of choice and we sincerely hope that it will be there. of an unfounded concern. If the opposite turns out to be true, Storage Wars is truly, and without question, the most fake of fakes for a ‘reality TV show’.

All the juicy gossip aside, it is very important to reaffirm that all of the points mentioned above are truly devoid of solid evidence. But who can really say? After all, it has been proven day after day that according to every rumor there is an iota of truth and what rumor exists if it does not spread? Consider this our quota to fuel the rumor that Storage Wars is faked and staged. While that’s the judge – based on the things we discussed above, what do you think of the series?

We’re tempted to add that perhaps you shouldn’t pass quickly to judge whether the show offered you a bit of entertainment at one time or another. It’s highly doubtful you were entertained if this was all strictly real and boring.