“Stop running around for true love, it’s end time and love is cold out there” – Opeyemi Aiyeola speaks

Nollywood entertainer Opeyemi Aiyeola has offered her devotees who are as yet longing for affection some dating guidance.

The mother of two cases that genuine affection is still out there, yet that setting aside it accepts open door and tolerance.

She stated: “There was a period in my life I was running kitikata looking for acknowledgment and unadulterated love from individuals and each time it seemed like I tracked down it, BOOMMMMMM. first rule: love urself such a lot of that when human broadcast love u can peruse in btw the

lines. second rule: comprehend that it’s the end time and love is cool, embellished with lies and evil. Got literally nothing to do with age, status, class, calling or religion third rule : Ur sense is there for an explanation .

Be quiet to tune in and take cues from its. N Genuine love however scant is still out dere never surrender.”

Review that Opeyemi Aiyeola previously examined the troubles she experienced in her marriage and how she defeated them.

At the point when the famous actor adulated her companion, Olayiwola Babatunde, she was talking about the imperfections that individuals experience in their relationships.

She posted a photograph of her family on Instagram while recognizing that there had been seasons of “big contentions” and “conflict” that almost finished their marriage.

However, she gathered that affection and their longing to remain into a single unit had permitted her and her life partner to stay together notwithstanding their blemishes.

“We play so a lot, yet we have our snapshots of conflict, tremendous battles and dangers to our association.

“Since we’re two blemished being living in a defective world, encompassed by flaws, pursuing a similar objective of fellowship, individual joy and love.”

The entertainer sealed the deal with her significant other in 2007. The association is honored with two kids.