Snake Island Ukraine Soldiers Say, “Russian warship Go F Yourself” As Final Words Before 13 Troops Were Killed

The soldiers who were positioned on a little island close to Romania in the Black Sea were approached to give up by the Russians. Yet, those courageous fighters decided not to surrender. They were completely shot and killed in the wake of telling the Russian cruiser to ‘Go f*** yourselves.’

The residents worldwide have commended their courage and are supporting the Ukrainian soldier’s protection from surrender. Everybody is appealing to God for the resident’s wellbeing and chivalry for the military.

VIDEO: Snake Island Ukraine Soldiers Say, “Russian warship Go F Yourself.” A video containing the sound recording of the Ukrainian soldiers in Snake Island who said the Russian warship to “Go F*** yourself” when they were approached to give up has arisen via web-based media.

As indicated by accounts, the Russians called the watchmen and depicted themselves as a “Russian Warship,” requesting that the Ukrainians give up or they would light an open fire.

Nonetheless, the soldiers of Ukraine didn’t surrender and rather advised them to go f**k themselves. Russian soldiers can be heard returning the revile to the fearless Ukrainians on the radio.

Every one of them were killed not long after that. A soldier went live when the occurrence occurred. When he showed his face on the camera, individuals could hear a weapon discharging toward the back.

New York Post revealed that Ukraine’s leader, Volodymyr Zelensky, recognized the soldiers’ demises late Thursday. He expressed, “On our Zmiinyi Island, safeguarding it to the last, all the boundary watches died bravely.” “Yet didn’t surrender.”

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Last Words Of Ukraine 13 Troops In Snake Island Before They Were Killed The last expressions of 13 soldiers of Ukraine in snake island before they were killed were the ones that showed their dauntlessness. They denied giving up despite the fact that it implied that they needed to keep their lives in question.

What’s more, Ukraine’s state line organization had lost contact with the gatekeepers by late Thursday night. The Russian military is said to have assumed responsibility for the island.

Snake Island is decisively huge since it will permit Russia to guarantee 12 nautical miles out to oceans. Additionally, according to Daily Mail, they cover essential sea courses to Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kherson, and other port urban areas.

Russia will close off the delivery entries subsequent to catching the island, consequently confining Ukraine from world markets and denying its economy of fundamental exchange income while it looked to shield itself.