Meet Skater Vanessa James And Morgan Cipres Baby On Instagram

Skater Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres do not have a baby. However, their Instagram profile consists of their pictures, making fans wonder if they are together. 

Fans are probably curious to find out about their relationship as they had been together for almost a decade. They were seen swinging in the ice many times before. 

Many fans loved the pair as they would wait for their appearance in every match. However, that changed in 2020 as Morgan retired from the sport following sexual abuse allegations. 

Both skaters were paired up for the match only. Both of them are pair skaters; thus, they were seen together every time. And their steamy hot performance made people wonder about their relationship. 

However, they only shared friendship and had chemistry as a pair of skaters. Therefore, there is no baby between them. 

Venessa James Husband And Partner Details Explored

Venessa James does not have any husband as of 2022. However, as a pair skater, she is partnered with Eric Radford. 

Eric is a Canadian pair skater who came out as gay in 2014. Thus, there is no romantic relationship between the two. Many people mistake Morgan Cipres as her romantic partner, but they had a friendship and a beautiful bond. 

There was no love involved between them. Besides, based on Cipres IG, he seems to be in love with a beautiful lady. He usually shares pictures of his newfound love. 

Meanwhile, James has not disclosed her love life on social media yet. However, her IG handle is full of pictures from the matches or the practice. 

Therefore, we can only assume that she is single at present. 

Why Did Vanessa James Separate Form Morgan?

Vanessa James separated from Morgan because he retired from the sport after sexual abuse allegations. According to USA Today, he allegedly sent the picture of his private parts to a 13 years old girl who is also a skater. 

According to the investigation, the photos were sent from Cipres’s verified IG account. The incident was disclosed in 2019 only because the victim’s parents were asked not to publicize the matter by Cipres’s coaches. 

However, after the truth came out about the incident, he resigned from the sport.