Siege of Leningrad Survivor & Russian Activist Yelena Osipova Charged With Anti-War Protest in Russia

Yelena Osipova is a Russian lobbyist who has been captured for contradicting the conflict. Indeed, against war fights in Russia have brought about the capture of 7,603 people.

Besides, a septuagenarian dissident, answered to be an overcomer of the notable attack of Leningrad during the 1940s, was held by police while walking in St Petersburg on Wednesday, 2 March, as Russian regular people keep on rampaging to go against President Vladimir Putin’s intrusion of Ukraine.

This comes just a single day after five young people were kept while endeavoring to drop blossoms outside the Ukrainian government office in Moscow.

Russian Activist Yelena Osipova Arrested: Is She In Jail? In St. Petersburg, Russia, on Wednesday, an old retired person Yelena Osipova was captured while fighting the attack of Ukraine.

After a video of her being gotten by a huge crew of mob police turned into a web sensation, Yelena Osipova, a 77-year-old craftsman, and dissident turned into an online media superstar.

Via web-based media, recordings show Yelena Osipova, 76, conveying banners in dissent of the conflict being battled against Ukraine, as other enemy of war activists celebrate and recite trademarks behind her.

A crew of cops then, at that point, walks her away, trying to hold onto her banners, one of which obviously peruses, “Soldier, give up your weapon and you will be a certifiable saint!” in Russian.

Attack of Leningrad Survivor Charges With Anti-War Protest Yelena Osipova, who is referred to for her activism and craftsmanship as well with respect to having endure the Nazi attack of Leningrad as a young person, was seen holding banners asking soldiers to set out their firearms. The attack of Leningrad was a tactical ban forced on the Soviet city of Leningrad by German powers during World War II.

Many individuals complimented Osipova’s courage even with Russia’s present enemy of dissent crackdown, which has supposedly brought about the detainment of 7,603 individuals all through the country since the intrusion started.

Since February 24, 7,603 people have been detained during hostile to war shows across Russia, as indicated by the autonomous Russian common liberties association Old-Info.

Yelena Osipova Wikipedia And Age Explored As indicated by the sources, Yelena Osipova is 77 years of age. She is a 77-year-old Russian dissident who was kept for opposing Ukraine’s attack. An old retired person fighting the intrusion of Ukraine was kept in St. Petersburg, Russia, on Wednesday.