Sean Murray Parents: Meet Vivienne Bellisario, Craig Harland Murray

Vivienne Bellisario and Craig Harland Murray are the parents of popular actor, Sean Murray.

Vivienne Bellisario profession

What does Vivienne Bellisario do? Vivienne Bellisario is a professional actress who featured in the first three seasons of NCIS as the Mysterious Red-Head, an unidentified female companion of NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Vivienne Bellisario age

How old is Vivienne Bellisario? What is Vivienne Bellisario’s age? Vivienne Bellisario’s age is not known yet.

Vivienne Bellisario new husband

Does Vivienne Bellisario have a new husband? Vivienne Bellisario is now married to NCIS creator and Executive Producer, Donald P. Bellisario.

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Vivienne Bellisario children

How many children does Vivienne Bellisario have? Vivienne Bellisario has one child aside from Sean Murray, the child is called Chad Murray.

Craig Harland Murray age

How old is Craig Harland Murray? What is Craig Harland Murray’s age? Craig Harland Murray’s age is not known yet.

Craig Harland Murray profession

What is Craig Harland Murray’s profession? Craig Harland Murray’s profession is not known yet.