Sean Murray Net Worth

Famous actor, Sean Murray has an estimated net worth of around $8 million. Some sources argue that his net worth is quite underrated considering that he has been in the movie industry for decades. Others also express that, most of his movies were done in the days movie making did not yield millions of dollars overnight, therefore, it is even impressive that he has managed to rake in some millions from movie making.

Sean Murray salary

How much was Sean Murray paid per episode in NCIS? What was Sean Murray’s salary in NCIS? Sean Murray was reportedly paid $300,000 per episode in NCIS.

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How old is Sean Murray?

What is Sean Murray’s age? Sean Murray is 44 years old.

Sean Murray birthday

When does Sean Murray celebrate his birthday? What is Sean Murray’s birthday? Sean Murray celebrates his birthday every November 15.

Sean Murray date of birth

When was Sean Murray born? What is Sean Murray’s date of birth? Sean Murray was born on November 15, 1977.

Sean Murray height

How tall is Sean Murray? What is Sean Murray’s height? Sean Murray is 1.87 meters tall.