Sandra Schumer

Facts of Sandra Schumer

Full Name Sandra Schumer
First Name Sandra
Last Name Schumer
Profession Celebrity Mother
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Spouse Gordon David Schumer
No Of Children 3

Sandra Schumer is the mother of Amy Schumer

Amy’s real name Amy Beth Schumer professionally serves as a standup comedian and an actress. 

Had Sandra changed her religion before marriage?

Sandra, when born, followed the England roots immensely, whereas, on the other hand, her husband Gordon David Schumer belongs to theJewish family. 

So, before marriage, she transformed to the Judaism religion. 

The couple took the vows and lived a wealthy lifestyle until her spouse’s furniture company was doing great. 

However, after some time, the business crashed, and the man went insolvent. 

Her better half suffered from a disease named sclerosis. Later the couple got divorced.  

Jason Stein is Sandra’s child and Amy half-sibling

Sandra shares the parenthood with Gordon with two children named Amy Schumer and Kim Caramele.

Amy is an older sister who serves in the media industry and has been able to receive the Peabody Award, Nominated five times in Primetime Emmy awards, and Kim being the younger one also is engaged as a TV producer. 

As you know, after they split up, Sandra moved into Long Island. 

Later it is stated that Amy has a half-brother named Jason Stein, who shares the same mother, and he is a musician. 

The two (Amy and Jason) share a great bond as they were raised together. 

Amy was spotted praising her half-brother in public too.

Sandra’s daughter dance with her father gathered limelight from her wedding

Her daughter got married to Chef Chris Fischer in the location of Malibu

The pair tied the knot just after being together for some months. 

But the main limelight from her wedding wasn’t about their togetherness or dresses but the father-daughter dance. 

As Gordon had been diagnosed with a disease and unable to walk, his daughter held him and danced to Pearl Jam’s music. 

The lady also shared their picture on her Instagram captioning dance with my father to hearts and thoughts. 

Later in a picture, Amy with her father and mother in the frame, was one of the main memories shared from her special event.

Is Sandra’s ex-husband hospitalized recently?

Yes, her ex-husband had recently been hospitalized, but their daughter Amy had a high spirit while the lady shared the news by uploading a picture with him in the hospital. 

Amy shared a funny caption mentioning how he reached that place. 

She elaborated, saying that her father Gordon had an unfortunate magician sawing incident, but the man has a good spirit and hopes that magician will turn back up sooner. 

But the main fact of hospitalization was still not cleared up. 

Unknown Facts about Amy Schumer

Amy, besides being an artist, has lots of things that should be known about her. 

Going back, Amy’s younger version was counted as a class clown and teacher’s nightmare. 

Also, she claimed that the aunts from both parents’ side are the worst people and have personality disorders, also stating she has a phobia. 

Interestingly, she was a toe model too, where she shared she was on a beach while a person came up and looked at her face giving feedback, no, only toes, and took a picture of it to place on models who have a glamorous body shape. 

Lastly, her surname was pronounced as a Shoemaker in the old days, which probably was her nickname then.

Net worth

Since Sandra Schumer’s income details aren’t present on web portals, we can rely on her daughter Amy who had a total estimated net worth of $25 million.


  1. Born in 1981, her daughter Amy is 39 years old.