Sam Neill girlfriend: Who is Sam Neill’s current partner?

Popular actor Nigel John Dermot Neill was born in Omagh, Northern Ireland, on September 14, 1947. The third-generation New Zealander father of Nigel, an army soldier stationed in Northern Ireland, saw his birth.

He was referred to as a “military brat” because of the multiple transfers he went through as a kid as a result of his father’s line of work.

Nigel struggled with stammering in his early years and was frequently embarrassed by it. He even went so far as to wish that no one would approach him.

In school, where there were numerous other Nigels, he started referring to himself as “Sam” in order to avoid being addressed by his common name Nigel.

He gradually outgrew his stammering troubles, but he still exhibits stammering traits on occasion.

Sam Neill’s girlfriend: Who is Sam Neill’s current partner?

Neill divorced Watanabe in 2017 and was apparently seeing Australian political journalist Laura Tingle in early 2018.

Australian journalist and author Laura Margaret Tingle was born on February 14, 1961, and is well known in her country. She presently serves as the main political correspondent for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s 7.30 current events program. She previously worked as the Australian Financial Review’s political editor.

Early in her career, Tingle worked as a trainee journalist for Sydney-based Fairfax Media publications Australian Financial Review and Business Review Weekly. She reported topics about financial deregulation and dollar floating during this period.

She transferred to The Australian newspaper of News Limited in 1987 to work as an economics journalist. Beginning in 1992, she served as the main political correspondent before being promoted to national affairs correspondent in 1994.