Sam De Koning Brother Tom de Koning And Parents In Rules Football

Like his brother Tom De Koning, Sam De Koning is a professional Australian rules footballer. Despite being brothers and competing in the same league, the Konings have to face each other in the competition, representing different teams in the league.

The Koning brothers are a part of a family of 12 people composed of their parents, three sisters, and five brothers. Their father, Terry De Koning, was a professional Australian rules footballer in the past. The brothers followed in their father’s footsteps and established careers in the same field. Sam debuted in AFL in 2021 for Geelong Football Club, whereas Tom has played for Carlton Football Club since 2018.

Profession Australian Rules Footballer
Team Geelong Football Club
DOB February 26, 2001 (21 years old)
Parents Terry And Jackie De Koning
Nationality Australian
Sibling Terry De Koning (older brother)

Sam De Koning Wants To Face His Brother, Tom De Koning Instead Of Playing With Him

Sam is the 9th child of his parents, who have ten children altogether. she followed the path of his father and brother and became a part of AFL’s Geelong Football Club. He has an extraordinary bond with his brother. When asked about his willingness to play alongside his brother, he said he would rather play against him instead of play alongside him.

The younger brother wants to prove his potential after competing against his elder brother, who is more experienced than him in the sport. Sam was supposed to begin his AFL campaign in 2020, but due to the covid-19 pandemic, everything in the world came to a halt, including AFL. Geelong Football Club selected him in the 2021 national draft. He made his AFL debut against North Melbourne in round five of the 2021 season at GMHBA stadium.

Sam’s brother, Tom De Koning, has more experience with AFL as he debuted three years earlier than his younger brother. He didn’t have a great start to his club career as he faced severe health issues before being called up by the team to play in AFL. Tom fell during a ruck match in July 2017 and injured his kidney; nevertheless, he healed, and Carlton selected him with selection 30 in the 2017 AFL National Draft.

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He made his AFL debut in round 22 at Docklands Stadium against the Western Bulldogs in 2018 after extending his contract through 2021. He booted his first goal in the second quarter while collecting 11 disposals, five marks, and five goals.

Who Are Sam De Koning’s Parents?

Sam was born on February 26 1991, as the 9th child of Terry and Jackie De Koning. He used to play Australian rules football for Footscray in the Victorian Football League. Nowadays, he is working as a PE teacher at a local school and is leaving his post-football life with his wife, kids and grandchildren.

Growing children of the De Konings were rarely all housed together at once due to the shifting between parents, homes, and generations. However, it was frequently eight, and Thursday nights saw the whole ten. The De Konings like to be together and celebrate every moment of their life as a large family. Consequently, seven of the ten offspring have built homes within a two-kilometre radius.

Sam is constructing a home on a block with a gate separating it from a sister’s house. He and another brother presently reside in a nearby residence owned by Tom. Terry and his wife also have plans to relocate to the neighbourhood formally.

Is Sam De Koning Dating Someone?

Sam hasn’t admitted to his relationship, but some of his Instagram posts suggest that the AFL star is close with a blonde lady named Zoe. He gave a glimpse of her on another post earlier this year. They seem very close to each other, but we can’t confirm anything about their relationship as Sam hasn’t said anything officially on this topic.

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Besides that, he has focused all his focus on the game as he wants to become more skilled and talented than his older brother, who debuted in AFL in 2018. It is fair to say that, currently, Sam is in love with the game. He loves every aspect and enjoys playing despite the opponent or the situation. He believes in his potential and always looks forward to winning the game for his team.

He inherited his interest in this sport from his father. Koning’s family’s connection with Australian football won’t stop here. Sam recently learned that Toby Conway, the first overall choice by Geelong in the 2021 draft, is his fourth cousin. They were already aware that they were related to Sydney McCartins.

A distant connection to Don Bradman has been disclosed to Jackie. The senior De Konings are pleased with both clubs’ pastoral care programs for their sons. They had received a hearty welcome inside. This season, the De Koning boys have both made headlines, and their parents are somewhat surprised by their growing interest.

Sam De Koning’s Family Background And Life With Ten Siblings

Sam, the second youngest, was raised in a family with nine siblings, and he had made one of the best memories of his life while growing up with brothers and sisters. He stands out in a crowd now, but not so long ago, he was just the ninth of ten siblings crammed into makeshift bunks in the annex of an on-site trailer at Torquay during term breaks and weekends.

The caravan is still where the clan, which has grown to include four grandchildren, will most likely reunite. They were raised to appreciate those things, having to share food at the dinner table with several siblings and living in a temporary trailer on holidays. Sam is now close to most of his siblings, who also live in the coastal resort of Torquay along Victoria’s surf coast, and they frequently get together as Sam’s AFL career takes off.