Ron Boss Everline Face, Cheek and Birthmark – What Happened To Kevin Hart Trainer Boss?

Ron Boss Everline is the personal trainer of Kevin Hart and has been in news over the unusual red scars on his face and cheeks. Let’s learn more about what happened to Kevin Hart Trainer Boss.

Ron Boss Everline is a fitness enthusiast and personal trainer who is popularly known as “Boss”. He is the owner and founder of the highly popular fitness centre called “Just Train”.

He is also the pioneer of the Don’t Talk, Just Train slogan which has inspired many other fitness enthusiasts from around the world.

Ron Boss is a celebrity trainer and has a famous clientele that includes Kevin Hart, Diddy, Trey Songz, Christina Milian and Ne-Yo. Everline worked closely with Kevin Hart when he had serious back injuries in September 2019.

Ron Boss was recently seen with unusual red scars on his face and cheek. This has caused his fans to speculate if the trainer got into some accident.

What Happened To Rob Boss Everline Face, Cheek, and Birthmark?

In the recent interviews and youtube videos, people observed strange red scars and spots on the face and cheek of Ron Boss Everline. This caught the attention of his fans as Ron Boss is a professional trainer who worships his body like a temple.

As a result of such observations, there have been rumors that Rob Boss is either ill/sick or might have had surgery. But it could very easily be the result of his intense workout sessions. It isn’t clear whether the rumors are true or not as Rob Boss has not given any indications on his social media.

As per his birthmarks, Ron Boss has not yet revealed the number or the position of his birthmarks.

Kevin Hart Trainer Boss Biography

Rob Boss Everline is Kevin Hart’s personal trainer and has helped him through the back injuries of the comedian. Kevin Hart got into a serious car accident in 2019 which caused the comedian to hire Rob Boss to help him get on his feet.

Rob Boss Everline is 37 years old and is built with an approximate height of 5ft 11 inches. The fitness enthusiast got married to Dominique Breanna in 2019. Dominique Breanna is currently pregnant with their second child.

Rob Boss is a former football player who even tried out for the NFL. But he never received a callback from any of the NFL teams.

Everline grew up with eight brothers and sisters and describes his upbringing as “humble”. Everline lost his mother when he was 11 years old and one of his brothers when he was a teenager.