Rick Allen parents: Meet Kathleen Daly and Geoffrey Allen

Richard John Cyril Allen, an English drummer, is best known for his work with the popular hard rock band Def Leppard. Allen has been a vital member of Def Leppard since 1978 and has substantially influenced their success.

Allen’s left arm was amputated after a vehicle accident in 1985. Despite the tragedy, Allen was sure that he would continue to play drums with Def Leppard.

He purchased a customized electronic drum kit from Whirlwind and began experimenting with unusual wiring routing. After a long road to recovery, the band did not resume live performances until 1986, when Allen was finally allowed to do so at the Monsters of Rock festival.

Allen has periodically reverted to using primarily acoustic drum setups since then, depending on the situation. He uses four electronic pedals on his left foot to perform the instruments he used to play with his left arm.

Rick Allen’s parents: Meet Kathleen Daly and Geoffrey Allen

Kathleen Daly and Geoffrey Allen are Rick Allen’s parents. While Rick was growing up, his mother held an unidentified job while his father worked in the family steel business. Before being remarried, Rick’s mother, Kathleen Daly, went by the name Kathleen Glenda Moore. Geoffrey Allen, who was 74 years old, tragically lost away on September 3rd, 2012. California is where the family currently calls home.