Richest Doctor in Nigeria & Net Worth

Truth be told, medical practice isn’t one of the options to consider if you’re looking to become super rich. Yes, you’d be comfortable enough to cover most or all of your routine expenses without any problems, and you can enjoy all the societal respect that comes with being a doctor.

But you’re not likely to be a multi-millionaire except you have other source of income or you’re fortunate to get employed by international organizations such as the WHO.

Meet the richest doctor in Nigeria: Dr ABC Orjiakor

With the above in mind, let’s now get into the discussion on the richest doctor in Nigeria. He’s no other than Dr. ABC Orjiakor. Well, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that he’s into other businesses, not really medical practice.

In this post, we’ll be telling you who this distinguished doctor his, his net worth, and how he makes his money. And just so you know, he’s a multi-millionaire in dollars, not naira!

Dr. ABC Orjiako: Biography in Brief

Dr. Ambrose Bryant Chukwueloka Orjiakor, popularly called “ABC”, was born on the 2nd of October 1960 in Calabar, Cross Rivers State. His parents, late Mrs Rebecca Orjiakor and late Chief Daniel Obiesie Orjiakor, are from Umuchima, Uli, Anambra State.

After his primary education in Uli, he proceeded to Uli high school, where he had his secondary education between 1972 and 1978. While in secondary school, he majored in sciences and passed out with Grade 1. Since he was an exceptionally brilliant student, he had no issues gaining admission to study medicine and surgery at the University of Calabar, from where he graduated in 1985 to become a qualified medical doctor. He was the best graduating student of his set.

He started moulding his leadership skills during his days as an undergraduate, when he held the positions of African Regional Director of the International Federation of Medical Students and Chairman, Standing Committee on Education of the African Medical Students Association.

After becoming a qualified doctor, Dr. ABC Orjiakor proceeded with his specialty training at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital and the National Orthopedic Hospital in Igbobi, Lagos. After a little over 10 years, he became a Fellow of the West African College of Medicine and the Nigerian Postgraduate Medical College. He specialized in orthopedic surgery and trauma management. After practicing for some years as a Specialist Orthopedic and Trauma Surgeon, he opted for the business world.

In 1996, Dr. ABC Orjiakor went into full time business, investing in the Nigerian oil, pharmaceutical, shipping, banking, and insurance industries. And to date, his investments keep increasing across multiple sectors of the Nigerian economy. His quick rise through the ranks in the business world is widely linked to his strong ties with military bigwigs at the time, including former president Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida.

Dr. ABC Orjiakor is a devout christian — a Catholic — and has been awarded the Papal Knighthood of the Order of St. Gregory. He is also a philanthropist who has supported lots of humanitarian endeavors through his Daniel Orjiako Memorial Foundation.

Although he’s not a politician, ABC Orjiakor has always had strong ties with politics. In the days of the return of the 4th republic in 1999, his financial support played a significant role in the emergence of Governor Chinwoke Mbadinuju from the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). He also bankrolled the gubernatorial ambition of Prof Charles Soludo in 2011. According to him, he supported Soludo because he felt Soludo was more than likely to provide strong transformational leadership and lay a solid socio-economic foundation for the state.

He is happily married to one wife and they have 4 children.

ABC Orjiakor: Net worth, Investments & Assets

  • As of present, some sources have it that Dr. ABC Orjiakor is worth about $1.2 billion (approximately N420 billion).
  • He is currently CEO/Chairman of a number of companies. These include:
  • Ordec Group
  • Zebbra Energy Ltd (an energy company which owns the deepwater concession OPL 248 offshore Nigeria)
  • Shebah Exploration and Production Co. Ltd (an explotaion firm with 40% stake on the offshore oil bloc OML, which produces over 8000 bpd)
  • Helko Marine Service
  • Neimeth Pharmaceuticals International
  • He is also a board member of the Nigerian Chamber of Shipping as well as Green Resources ASA, a Norwegian company investing in Tree Farms in East Africa.
  • In 2010, he co-founded Seplat Petroleum Development Company Ltd, which took over the operation of a Join Venture asset from Total, Eni, and Shell. It was the first Nigerian company to achieve such feat.
  • In September 2017, Dr. ABC Orjiakor officially became the first tenant of the Eko Atlantic City, when the Alpha 1 Office in the international commerce city was acquired for use by his company Seplat Petroleum Development Company.

Dr. ABC Orjiakor is a successful businessman on all parameters. And it’s not surprising that he was once listed on Forbes among the silent billionaires in Nigeria. He is also on our list of richest Igbo men in Nigeria.

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