Renovation Wild HGTV Was Filmed In Beautiful Locations In Zambia

Renovation Wild HGTV was filmed in Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia Renovation Wild HGTV cast consists of Grant and Lynsey Cumings.

The television series premiered on Monday, May 15 at 9:00 pm ET. The show will is an HGTV home renovation series.

The show on the HGTV channel gives insight into interior design, home decor and remodeling of houses and buildings.

The new show Renovation Wild is an eight-episode series. The team renovates the incredible resort in Lower Zambezi National Park.

The series also showcases the journey of resort owners Grant and Lynsey Cumings and their children.

It reveals the end result as well as the difficulties faced during renovation.

Most of the HGTV shows are relatable to homeowners and those who want to buy homes thus this channel has their own market.

Some of the famous shows on HGTV are Home in a Heartbeat, House Hunters International, Property Brothers, and Rock The Block.

Where Was Renovation Wild Filmed?

Renovation Wild was filmed in Chiawa Safaris Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia. The location has a beautiful natural reserve with exotic sites to visit.

Chiawa Safari is developed by Grant and Lynsey Cumings. They have over 30 years of experience operating a successful hospitality business.

The safaris are run by a team of people under the guidance of the owners. They ensure that they are not missing out on anything for their customers.

They have an incredible team with great professionalism, management skills, spontaneity, and leadership quality.

The show is different from the other show filmed in city areas as it is shot in the National Park with its natural scenic beauty.

Lower Zambezi national park is a tourist area full of people coming from different places of the world to gain experience.

The surrounding is fresh, beautiful, and full of natural resources. Unlike the city area, the shooting team encountered the wild animals of that place.

Moreover, the place is a historical place that gives a rich sense of history about various things and can be known about the Zambians and their roots.

The Cumings family is the fifth generation of Africans. They are the ones who started the inflow of tourists and provided them with the best hospitality.

They first formally opened their tent flaps in 1991 and got their first paying guests in their hospitality business.

At that time they could not give any luxurious facilities, however, people started to reach them for their tents by word of mouth.

Before formally opening their tents, they did their first tryout version of Chiawa Camp in 1989, after that, they decided to do the business.

Later in 1994, the Cumings family again co-founded Conservation Lower Zambezi, where Grant became the Chairman.

Ultimately with great dedication, they were able to make Africa’s leading private conservative charities which attracted many tourists.

Their business is flourishing as the number of tourists increases each year. They are doing enough marketing, giving quality services, and conserving the land.

Meet The Cast Of Renovation Wild On HGTV

Renovation Wild HGTV cast are Grant Cumins and Lynsey Cumins. They are a real-life couple living in Africa with their family.

Similarly, the resort owner’s children are also showcased in the show, working hand in hand with their parents.

The project manager of the show is Ngoli, and the resort manager Juliet also takes on the challenges of renovating the place on the HGTV show.

Simon Douglas is the General manager of the hospitality industry, Juliet Zulu is the Consummate hospitality professional, and Chris Farao, Boaz Chizuwa, and Clement Dzomba are the safari guides.

Grant and Lynsey Cumings are great partners when it comes to business. They have the perfect blend of skills that can go arm in arm-while planning and executing things.

Grant Cumins

Grant Cumins is the owner of Chiawa Camp and Old Mondoro. He is an African descent and belongs to Zambia.

The resort owner Grant has vast experience in guiding, conservation, and the safari industry. He has got years and years of experience in running this business.

Grant is skilled in Online Marketing, Strategic Planning, Event Management, Tour Operators, Wildlife, tourism, ecotourism, Hotels, and resorts.

He started to work in the resort from the year 1989 and its been more than three decades into that field. Their guest is assured of their hospitality and management ability.

Lynsey Cumins

Lynsey is another owner of the conservative resort along with her husband Grant. She looks after the day-to-day operations.

She has a degree in Hospitality Management and has worked with Marriott Hotels and British Airways. Their main aim is to provide a comfortable and luxurious environment.

Both husband and wife run Chiawa Safaris from their Lusaka HQ. They make sure the teams are doing everything to make their visitor happy and satisfied.

The Cumings couple is also opening the resorts to the South Luangwa National Park. They are both committed to being at the top of the game.

When Does Renovation Wild Come Out on HGTV?

The first-ever Africa-based series, Renovation Wild premiered on Monday, May 15, 2023, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

The show showcases two Xambia Safari resorts of the mesmerized Lower Zambezi National Park. The owner of the resort takes the challenge of renovating.

During the shoot of the reality television series, they will face the problem of logistics as the season is not favorable to stay due to delay in the supply chain.

There are numerous wildlife encounters that threaten the team from making their plans to upgrade their resort in the middle of the African bush.

In the first episode of the show, the channel will showcase the Cumings family starting the renovation of their most exotic villas in Old Mondoro.

Soon after they start their project, storms and the rains begin to appear, which will create the obstacle in their way of making things out.

The pair then creates the blueprints for modernizing the reed homes, finishing the ensuite bathrooms, and adding the washroom.

Later Grant and Lynsey will head over to their sister property named Chiawa and make a plan for its luxe renovation.

The place is one of the most amazing safari destinations to experience in one’s life. It has numerous wildlife in a raw and remote wilderness.

The wildlife includes island-hopping elephants and buffalo, there are lions and leopards in the dense jungle.

The beautiful location also includes a large variety of birdlife, it has a river and big trees along with 4000 sq. km of park which lies between the Zambezi and the river.

Chiawa Camp is Zambia’s premier luxury safari camp. It has also won an award for its service and hospitality for its visitors.

Near Chiawa, there is a 90-minute boat journey downstream, which takes the visitors to the authentic and beautiful atmosphere at OLD Mondoro.


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