PnB Rock Case: Man Implicated In Murder Breaks His Silence

Following the news that a suspect has been named and one captured in PnB Rock’s homicide by the Los Angeles Police Division, another man is trying to demonstrate his innocence and ensure everybody realizes that he didn’t have anything to do with the rapper’s demise.

A man named Freddie Lee Trone has been named as an individual of interest in the homicide of the Philadelphia local. Unfortunately, PnB Rock was gunned down at Roscoe’s Place of Chicken and Waffles in South Los Angeles on September 12. Police have since captured a 17-year-elderly person accepted to be the hitman and furthermore the child of Freddie Lee Trone.

The one who has approached to demonstrate his innocence is a videographer by the name Emmanuel Danquah who works in Minneapolis.

He likewise does photography and goes by the pen name Side Boss. Obviously, he has been connected to the wrongdoing by different unfit on the web and virtual entertainment specialists who accept that he might have had the rapper killed due to a contention they had on Instagram Live in 2021 over a taken shirt plan.

A considerable lot of the inadequate PIs have likewise altered cuts and have guaranteed wrongly that the two had meat in practically no time before the “Center Kid” rapper was killed.

Danquah tried to dispel any confusion during a new meeting with the Drea O Show.

He expressed that he didn’t have anything to do with the homicide of PnB Rock. He additionally repeated that he was not even close to the region and that he didn’t make some sort of OG call hit.

Added to that, he said he and the late rapper were on very great conditions before the shooting and were in any event, arranging a foundation confining match together a work to raise assets to assist with revamping Minneapolis following the obliteration caused during the 2020 George Floyd fights.

He said the last time they talked, the two were great with one another and portrayed PnB as a genuine one. Danquah proceeded to say that the “Narrow minded” rapper was in any event, going to give him an opportunity that would change both of their lives through the battle that they were advancing. He stays appreciative to him for that, he added.

At the point when the allegations started to fly, he said that he felt a plenty of various feelings, particularly since the web put the name of a killer on him.

He added it was hard to watch the informers use video wrong and just go for it.

“I simply believe that individuals should realize that they can’t necessarily in every case accept what they see on the web.

Assuming you see the video, I’m similar to 200 pounds heavier and they attempted to cause it to appear as though that was that very day [as Rock’s murder],” he proceeded.

As per Danquah, the police have not even reached him, and on the off chance that they do, he doesn’t have anything to stow away.

Notwithstanding, he did communicate some reluctance with talking with the experts inspired by a paranoid fear of how he would be taken care of as an individual of color.

The contention being referred to appears to be probably not going to bring about murder.

The two men had a disagreement after the rapper was blamed for taking his shirt configuration highlighting a photograph of the uprising in Minneapolis after George Floyd’s passing.

Things got warmed yet the most the dangers heightened to was Danquah taking steps to grab PnB Rock’s chain.

In ensuing meetings, Danquah even conceded to adorning the contention to get some more clout on the web.