Paula Duncan Is Alive: Death Hoax Debunked – What Happened To Her?

Paula Duncan Death Hoax Debunked

Despite her death hoax, Paula Duncan is still alive and is doing pretty good in her works.

However, she is not much covered in the media network these days as she is active in the commercial acting industry casually only. Due to the lack of her online tracing and update, people might have wondered about her whereabouts, which eventually gave birth to her death talks.

But these talks are only limited to internet rumors created by some random people for haphazard reasons. The official notice never came out in the media portals, and the woman is in good standing. There are no further claims of false information.

What Happened To Paula Duncan?

Paula Duncan suffered from depression and mental breakdown to the point that she almost committed suicide.

The woman has endured some hard mental times throughout her career, and it almost took her life. She first felt down when she welcomed her daughter, Jessica Orcsik, even though the doctors said she could not give birth.

Following the childbirth, Duncan went into a miserable state physically and mentally. In an interview in 2015 reported by News, the actress talked about feeling ugly and helpless at that time. While she eventually recovered from that situation, another twist in her life almost took her life.

At 43, she almost committed suicide after her marriage with John started to crumble, and the pair separated. This incident critically impacted her mental state, so she nearly took her own life.

Where Is Paula Duncan Now?

Paula Duncan is now in Sydney, where she lives a quiet life and involves herself in charity work.

Even though the woman has decided to live a quiet life, far from the excessive media coverage, she is still active in acting. Perhaps, not commercially, but her passion for acting is still the same as ever.

Similarly, she does various donations and charity works to keep herself busy and contribute something to the society that has given her so much.