Olivia Wilde And Florence Pugh Drama On Reddit And TikTok Explained: Rumors Of Feud Between Them

Olivia Wilde And Florence Pugh worked on a new movie, Don’t Worry Darling, which releases on September 23, 2022.

Don’t Worry Darling is a psychological thriller directed by Olivia Wilde. The movie is set in the 1950s and has the stars like Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Wilde, Gemma Chan, KiKi Layne, and many more.

Florence plays a homemaker who starts to question her community and reality, while Harry Styles plays the role of her husband. The movie released its first trailer on May 2, 2022

While it recently released its second trailer on June 21, and the trailer has excited the audience about how the story will unfold in the movie. But amidst the film’s hype, rumors of a feud between Olivia and Florence are also surfacing on the internet.

What Are Olivia Wilde And Florence Pugh’s Drama On Reddit And TikTok?

Olivia Wilde is an actress, director, and filmmaker. At the same time, Florence Pugh is a renowned actress for her roles in movies like Fighting with My Family, Midsommar, Amy March, and many more.

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Simialrly, they will also be seen on the screen together as they have completed working on a movie called, Don’t Worry Darling. In this movie, Olivia works as the director and the character Bunny.

Florence will be seen playing the character Alice Chambers in the movie. The movie’s trailer has gotten a good response from the people, who are eager to watch the film to know more about it.

Amidst the movie’s popularity, there are rumors that some drama is going on between Olivia an Florence. People were seen talking about the drama between the actress on the platforms like Tiktok and Reddit.

Rumors of Feud Between Olivia Wilde And Florence Pugh

Fans have tracked down that Olivia Wilde And Florence Pugh are having feuds. The rumors of the feud were ignited when Florence was seen sharing the trailer of her upcoming war biopic Oppenheimer on the same day Don’t Worry Darling’s second trailer was released.

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She didn’t share the trailer at all, but her co-star Harry Styles was seen sharing the trailer with the release date in his story. Similarly, Olivia also shared her story.

Florence is an actress who always promoted her movies. So, fans speculated that some beef might be going on between them. Similarly, Olivia also posted praising Florence’s acting in the film.

But Florence has neither reacted nor commented on Olive’s post. There is no solid evidence or information regarding their feud, but this little speculation has made fans think something is happening between them.

Had Olivia Wilde And Florence Pugh Dated The Same Person In the Past?

Olivia Wilde And Florence Pugh haven’t dated the same person in the past. Olivia is dating the singer Harry Styles, also seen in the movie Don’t Worry Darling.

People are also speculating that Florence had great chemistry as an onscreen couple with Harry in the movie, which might be one reason for the feud.

But these are all rumors, and neither of the actresses has addressed them. In case Florence is dating her boyfriend, Zach Braff.