No, Quenblackwell Is Not Transgender: Fans Confusion On Gender & Sexuality Debunked

Let us clear confusion about Quenblackwell, that she is not a transgender. In fact, she identifies with her born gender and straight sexuality. More details about her are below

Quenblackwell or Quenling Blackwell is a social media personality who is also now a singer known for her vines.

She is known as the famous trending crying girl screaming on her mother vine.

Recently, there was a lot of heat gathered up regarding her sexuality as she hangouts with people LGBTQ+ more often. This lead to her fans believing that she is also now transgender.

No matter how big the buff is, a rumour is not always true and so is the case with her gender.

Is Quenblackwell Transgender? Her Gender Explored

Quenblackwell was especially rumoured as transgender after her Twitter photo with the rapper Lil Nas X.

The rapper was known as the first homosexual gender to win the CMA gender. Considering the fact that Lil’ Nas X is attracted to his same gender, people assumed the Quenblackwell transformed her gender from male to female.

However, this is not true. Lil Nas X is dating his backup dance partner as confirmed by Distractify. Lil Nas X and Quenlin are very good friends and meet up frequently.

Thus, we can confirm that the gender of Quenblackwell is straight.

No, Quenblackwell Is Not Transgender: Fans Confusion On Her Sexuality Debunked

Now that we debunked the confusion on the sexuality of Quenblackwell as not transgender, let’s explore the reasons more.

Another reason that could have triggered the rumor is her very deep voice.

Normally, women are identified with high pitch voices and men with low pitch voices. Having a low pitched voice might have put her fans into thinking about her gender.

Ever since Quenling posted a series of photos with the rapper Lil Nas X with captions containing the word ‘baby’ otherwise known as a euphemism for a partner.

Quenblackwell Boyfriend Or Partner Details

Quenblackwell previously dated a guy named Parker. At the time, Quenlin was quite secretive and did not share much about her boyfriend.

The partner was also known for appearing in some of Quenlin’s YouTube videos. She made a video about transforming her boyfriend to match her own look.

She coloured her boyfriend, Parker’s hair purple followed by a series of make-up. With no further update, it seems that Quenblackwell is single now.

Although you might wanna stay updated on her Instagram as you may never know.