Nick Ferrari age: How old is Nick Ferrari?

British tv host and presenter, Nick Ferrari is 64 years old.

Nick Ferrari birthday

When does Nick Ferrari celebrate his birthday? What is Nick Ferrari’s birthday? Nick Ferrari celebrates his birthday every January 31.

Nick Ferrari hometown

Where is Nick Ferrari’s from? Where is Nick Ferrari’s hometown? Nick Ferrari was born in Sidcup, United Kingdom.

Nick Ferrari show

What show is Nick Ferrari a host of? What show does Nick Ferrari host? Nick Ferrari is the host of the weekday breakfast show on the London-based radio station LBC, with 1.5 million weekly listeners.

What is Nick Ferrari’s bio?

Nick Ferrari was born on January 31, 1959, in Sidcup, United Kingdom. He was born to Lino Dan Ferrari and Joyce Ferrari and has a brother called Simon Ferrari. He is married to a woman named Sandra Phyllis Conolly and has two children; Sebastian Ferrari and Nicolo Ferrari. He is a recipient of the Speech Broadcaster of the Year Award (2009) and Arqvia Gold Award (2010).