Netflix’s Wednesday Introduces Bianca Barclay Mother In Season 1, Will Her Story Continue In The Next Season?

Wednesday season 2 will look into Bianca Barclay mother Gabrielle Be and her story. Gabrielle is an interesting character.

Wednesday, Netflix’s classic comedy horror series concluded its first season, and fans couldn’t get away with it. The series ended dramatically, and fans eagerly await to see whether Bianca Barclay’s mother will be in Season 2.

The American coming-of-age supernatural comedy horror series premiered on November 16, 2022, and was released on November 23, 2022. The first season has put the fans on the edge of their seat.

Though the series is based on the character Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family, the writers and directors have thrillingly presented the story with some modifications. This has left the fan guessing what’s going to happen next.

In the first season, the series revolved around Wednesday, who discovers her supernatural power, leading her to prevent a killing spree that has terrorized the town surrounding her school, Nevermore Academy.

Let’s find out what we can get from season 2 of the series, including the cast members and their roles to play.

Will Bianca Barclay Mother Gabrielle In Wednesday Season 2?

Bianca Barclay mother Gabrielle is for sure to find her ground in the upcoming season of Wednesday. Gabrielle comes from The Morning Song cult.

In the first season, fans witnessed that Bianca Barclay met her mother, Gabrielle, in a very unexpected and unusual way. Bianca seemed completely shocked after her mother, Gabrielle, coming out of nowhere to meet her.

The series displayed a mysterious daughter-mother relationship and needed to clarify the motto of introducing Gabrielle out of nowhere. Now, it is hard to find what exactly Gabrielle’s role is in the upcoming season.

Gabrielle met her daughter, Bianca, and went to a cafe. Though everyone was initially surprised, the conversation between the two hinted that there would also be a role to perform for Gabrielle in season 2.

Bianca entered Nevermore Academy with a fake identity, as her real name was Brandy Jane. Later, it was clear that she did it on purpose and wanted to escape her past.

Moreover, she never wanted to be found by her mother. Bianca was involved in some illicit, which ultimately was coerced by her mother.

What Is The Morning Song Cult?

Gabrielle was running a personal development movement called the Morning Song. However, Bianca described it as a cult though her mother argued that she was doing this to improve people’s life.

The mother-daughter duo was never on the same page regarding the Morning Song saga. But Bianca couldn’t stop her mother from doing what she was doing because she was afraid her career might be destroyed.

Moreover, Bianca never liked Gideon, Gabrielle’s husband. She always warned her mother about it, but she couldn’t control her mother’s decision.

Suddenly, Gabrielle could not recruit new members to her community as she lost her hypnotizing power. Then, she urged Bianca to use her ability to hypnotize people.

Initially, Bianca refused but had to surrender ultimately as her mother threatened her to reveal how she got admission to Nevermore Academy.

Potential Timelines In The Second Season Of Wednesday

After grabbing a huge audience from the first season, Wednesday, an American comedy horror drama series, is looking forward to offering more to its viewers in the second season.

The Netflix series is yet to announce the release date of the second season, but fans have started speculating the possible scenarios in the upcoming season.

Here we have tried to figure out what could happen in the upcoming season of the series.

Will There Be A season 2 Of Wednesday?

Before writing and speculating on the potential theories of season 2, the first question is whether there will be a season 2 of the series.

The first season of Wednesday took the audience into the world of Nevermore Academy, where Wednesday Adams, with her psychic abilities, attempts to solve a chilling mystery involving her parents and balances relationships with sirens, werewolves, and vampires at her new school.

In the series’ final episode, Wednesday finds out Tyler was the monster behind the killings at Nevermore. Similarly, she also gets to know the school’s botany professor, Marilyn Thornhill, a woman named Laurel Gates, and she controls Tyler.

Ultimately, with Bianca’s help, Wednesday defeats Laurel and her allies. However, the series concluded after Wednesday received a threatening call from an unknown person.

This could be the next season’s plot if Netflix continues further. Even though Bianca has assured to be back to save the Morning Song Community after finishing high school, her face does not say the same.

Season 2 of Wednesday may bring other members of the Morning Song community and history forward.