Netflix Drops Trailer For ‘NOTRE-DAME’ Release Date, Cast List

Netflix shared the trailer of the approaching series NOTRE-Lady which relates the story of the notable place of God fire moved by the certified records of fire fighters. The series will be followed through on Netflix on October 19, 2022.

In April 2019, straightforwardly following the hazardous eruption of Covid, the world was dazed and squashed by another huge event of fire at the mind boggling NOTRE-Lady Church working in Paris, France.

The show relies upon clear events that happened during the night on which the basilica was seared. Yet again the series portrays the characters who were overwhelmed by sensations of love, scorn, compassion, and more as they combat to begin all along.

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The series is facilitated by Hervé Hadmar and the screenplay of the series is made by Olivier Bocquet and Hervé Hadmar. Project Rundown: Caroline Proust Simon Abkarian Sandor Funtek Corentin Fila Ambroise Sabbagh Frédéric Chau Victor Belmondo Kassem Al Khoja