Net Worth: How Rich Is Troy Isley?

Troy Isley has been on the boxing field for a very long time. His primary sources of income are primarily from prize money from his matches and sponsorships, and advertisement deals.

According to various sources, Troy’s estimated net worth is around $1 million. However, The athlete hasn’t made his exact wealth public. 

Troy Isley is dominating his professional boxing career, so it is guaranteed that he will be making millions shortly.

Who Are Troy Isley Parents?

Troy has not revealed much about his parents to the world despite being quite active on social media. There is limited information on his parents.

Isley’s father is called Kevin Johnson. It is not known what his profession is, but in an interview with The Washington Post regarding Isley’s boxing career, Johnson came across as a strong, caring, and supportive parent.

The name and profession of Isley’s mother are still not known. However, she is featured on many of his Instagram posts. She is a beautiful black woman.

We can see that Troy is close to his family and adores them very much, and his parents are also very loving and supportive of him.

Explore Troy Isley Nationality And Ethnicity

On September 5, 1998, Troy Isley was born in the USA. His nationality is American.

Troy hasn’t talked about his ethnicity and heritage out in public. Nonetheless, Looking at his photographs, we can guess that he is of Afro-American descent. 

Is Troy Isley On Instagram?

Yes, Troy Isley is available on Instagram and is quite active. His IG profile is quite happening.

He goes by the username @boxboytroy1 on Instagram and has mentioned all his achievements in his bio.

Isley’s IG profile has 469 posts, 16.2k followers, and countless story highlights. As of January 14, 2022, Troy is following 2754 profiles in IG.

His IG posts mostly feature basketball-related things along with friends and family.