NCIS Pauley Perrette Rainbow Hair Transformation Explore Why She Colored It Like That

Fans love former NCIS Pauley Perrette’s rainbow hair transformation. Why did she color it like that? Let us learn more about her below!

Pauley Perrette has colored her hair rainbow color.

People are so into non-natural hair these days. They have tried their hands-on fun colors while they were stuck at home during the Pandemic, and celebrities were no exception.

In addition, Bright colors such as green, pink in interesting places, patterns and streaks are getting extremely popular. Just like other celebrties, Perrette has found her new hair color.

NCIS Pauley Perrette Rainbow Hair Transformation Photos Explored

Notable only on Twitter, NCIS Pauley Perrette recently shared the photos of her hair transformation with her followers.

She shared the several snaps of her new do and captioned the images- “I’m a rainbow!!.”  Following the tweet, her followers have seemed to love her new look, judging from the comments.

Infact, they were quick to admire her new look. Her comments section is currently flooded with positive

Why Pauley Perrette Colored Her Hair Rainbow?

As for Pauley Perrette’s newfound rainbow hair, it is not known what exactly prompted the look.

She recently informed her fans that she was retiring from acting. she also mentioned that she now does not need to worry about her hair being a particular color or looking a particular way for any roles she could potentially take in the future.

Further, her series Broke was cancelled after it had only one season on the air.

Pauley Perrette Natural Hair Color And Length

Pauley Perrette’s natural hair color is not known at the moment.

She was into acting and one thing about having a particular acting job for a long time is that you have to keep your hair a certain way for years. Also, it keeps changing as per the roles played.

The former NCIS had a very notable look during her tenure on NCIS as Abby Sciuto. She had bangs and dark hair for her gig on Broke. However, now that she’s taking a break from acting, she’s opted to totally drop the bangs and change her hair to a rainbow-colored look.