Naptural85 Husband, Why Did Whitney Divorce With Felipe? Here’s What We Know

Whitney, better recognised on-line as Naptural85, is now making headlines in the media after she break up up with her husband.

Naptural85 is a well-known YouTuber, blogger, herbal hair suggest, and businesswoman. Her debut video, “Natural Hair Journey,” which illustrated her hair’s transformation from relaxed to natural, stimulated her to tell the human beings her story.

She studied studio art with a focal point on image layout at university. White’s YouTube channel “Naptural85” these days has over 1.28 million followers and 134 million views, even though to start with recording motion pictures was simplest a technique to assist human beings decompress.

Women with comparable or comparable hair types keep to draw thought from her tale.

Name Whitney White
Nick Name Naptural85
Age 36 years old
Birthdate December 23, 1985
Birthplace Rhode Island, U.S.
Nationality American
YouTube Channels Naptural85, DearNaptural85, Whitney White

Naptural85 and DearNaptural85 are her 2nd and 0.33 YouTube debts, in which she updates her fans on her day by day activities.

The channel DearNaptural85 has over 194k subscribers, whilst the WhitneyWhite channel has over 98.1k subscribers. Naptural85’s divorce from her husband has sparked a fireplace in her fanbase. The subject matter of divorce is grabbing human beings’s interest on all social media structures, consisting of Reddit.

Who Is Naptural85 Husband? Naptural85 turned into previously married to her husband named, Filipe.

Since Filipe regularly seems in Whitee’s films, her partner is well-known to all and sundry who follows Whitney on social media.

Unfortunately, Filipe has lived a secretive life regardless of acting in lots of vlogs and motion pictures of his ex-spouse, Whitney.

Hence, Filipe’s age and professional info are but to get available at the media. Naptural85 tells her lifestyles narrative and the way she met Filipe, her high college sweetheart, in a YouTube video titled “DRAW MY LIFE.”

When she was a sophomore in excessive school, she first met Filipe in an artwork elegance. Filipe would continuously attempt to affect women in faculty.

She, however, observed his moves bothersome. The YouTuber had no idea she could subsequently wed the identical obnoxious high school scholar. After severa failed tries by way of Filipe to win her over, Naptural85 sooner or later confessed her love for him, and the two began relationship of their junior yr of high school.

They later experienced a dramatic cut up, and the on-off relationships persevered for the duration of their excessive school careers. But they remained devoted to each other even later, during their time in college, and that they married in 2008.

The son and daughter of the couple were born at some point of their ten-yr marriage. Their firstborn children’s call is Olivia, and Theodore is the call in their second toddler.

She posts movies with Filipe and the children on a exclusive YouTube account. There have not been any new vlogs since the two separated. Naptural85 uploaded several pics with her husband and children on her legitimate Instagram deal with. But after the divorce, she seems to have removed all of the posts containing her ex-husband.

One can discover the YouTuber’s Instagram take care of with the username @naptural85. Whitney has uploaded over 2946 posts and gathered over 706k fans on her verified Instagram account.

Why Did Whitney Divorce Felipe? Whitney’s divorce from Felipe has caught the attention of all Naptural85 fanatics. People do now not trust the pair separated after being married for greater than a decade.

Naptural85 stated the purpose for her divorce from her ex-husband as Filipe cheated on Whitney together with her admiring YouTube subscriber.

The identity in their gift lady friend of Felipe isn’t available at the net. Her followers are in shock after hearing the news of her divorce, as Felipe seemed in her vlogs and films a couple of instances.

However, she and Filipe’s ten-12 months union has broken up. Naptural85 took to her Instagram story in May 2020 to enlighten her enthusiasts approximately her courting along with her ex-husband. She later broadcasts the information in their break up.

It is sudden how a decade-long marriage ended just in a snap. Natural Nyota, a YouTube channel, posted a video that protected all her deleted posts, even though Whitney removed the Instagram testimonies.

The divorce lawsuits started out in October 2019. The YouTuber defined the divorce, claiming that Filipe cheated on her with considered one of her adoring YouTube viewers.

After the separation, Naptural85 stated that she nonetheless has to proportion parenting duties and would not need to litter matters extra. Likewise, Whitney does not need her children to return of age with a virtual trial. The YouTuber stated she became coping with the tragic incident at the same time as attempting to pass on together with her existence.

Naptural8 thanked her supporters for the duration of the attempting period and concluded her Instagram tale by announcing that she can go back quickly with new vlogs presenting her children.

She only has a separate YouTube channel for her videos with Filipe and the youngsters. Nevertheless, there have not been any new vlogs because the two split up.

Whitney and Filipe are co-parenting the kids, so despite the fact that the couple is not collectively, they will still be connected in diverse ways. Additionally, after the divorce, She posted on Twitter to inform her fans that she was doing her exceptional to address the condition and getting stronger each day.

Naptural85 Net Worth, How Much Money Does She Have? Naptural85 is a YouTuber who has a internet really worth of $five million as of 2022.

She has amassed a fortune as a renowned YouTuber, blogger, entrepreneur, and natural hair fanatic. She is a truthful resource for understanding on issues affecting the herbal hair community.

According to Naptural85’s Instagram bio, she is an OG Natural Hair Vlogger, Licensed Cosmetologist, and founding father of her business enterprise Melanin Hair Care. She has collaborated with well-known groups like Carol’s Daughter and has become a prominent player within the darkish hair marketplace.

The Naptural85 brand is famous for its herbal haircare products, which includes DIY remedies, how-to patterns, and commercial enterprise knowledge.

Yzola of Business Insider referred to her because the Michelle Phan of the “natural hair movement” in August 2015. Public celebrities like Dominique Dawes and Kelly Rowland have expressed appreciation for her sensible advice, instructional classes, and strategies for maintaining their hairstyles.

The YouTuber’s natural hairstyles and hair care regimens have assisted many humans with clearly curly hair who have been having problem loving and worrying for his or her adorable hair.

In October 2018, she and her sister Taffeta delivered Melanin Haircare, a variety of herbal hair merchandise.

In addition to her know-how of hair care, her big fan base is nicely-privy to her love existence because she is open approximately her non-public experiences. Numerous courses have referred to Naptural85, consisting of Essence.Com, InStyle, Ebony, and Glamour. She got recognized with the BFab Best Natural Hair Blog Award in 2015 and 2014.

Naptural85 additionally earns from her YouTube channel. Whitney makes among $329 and $1,017 on average from every video, and their envisioned net well worth degrees from $78.2 to $one hundred forty.Three thousand. It is projected thatNaptural85’s YouTube channel may convey in whatever from $812 to $2,500 each month.

Twist Out Method 101: How-To and Maintaining and “Do It Yourself: Homemade Hair Deep Conditioner Apple Cider Vinegar, Eggs, Mayonnaise, and Honey” are two of Naptural85’s maximum popular uploads. Naptural85 joined prominent splendor YouTubers, including Bethany Mota and Bunny Meyer, at BeautyCon LA in July 2015.

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